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Leaving the Kids


Does your Checklist look like this when you leave the kids?  Mine does ☺️

7 comments on “Leaving the Kids

  1. Christina McCoy

    That’s me all over!!😂😂😂


    Oh yeah… me for sure! 🙂

  3. Roberta Limoli

    Yes… also

  4. Steve Szejna

    I did this for my 2 cats one time. I titled it “Taking Care of Cats for Dummies”. I even found a book cover generator online and created a “for Dummies” cover page.

  5. Jenny Soderquist

    That is definitely me!! I even put their daily amount of food in zip lock bags.:)

  6. Actually that’s a good idea …

  7. Karen Bolen

    That is me too!

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