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We Are All Connected


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21 comments on “We Are All Connected

  1. Kimberly Dyste

    This is amazing! I hope you do this in a print! 😉

  2. Ro Silverman

    💖This is just beautiful.

  3. Tracy Gavin

    Let me know if you make this as a print I would like a couple copies!!! Tracy

  4. Roberta Limoli

    I just love all your cartoons, you should put them in a book, I would buy it directly…

  5. Linda Ballenger

    I love this❤️

  6. Yes, please, in a print!

  7. I hope you make it a print so I can get a copy!

  8. Yes, please make it into a print!
    Mary Ann

  9. kathyg92256

    This would make a great t-shirt!

  10. Karen Bolen

    I would love this in a print.

  11. RedandHowling

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, everyone! OK, it looks like I’ll be making a print of this image very soon, as long as I can get the quality of the colors to translate well and look their best!

  12. Print for me too.. this one is one of my favourites

  13. Lauren n Bongo

    Yes to the print, but how about a mug too? Bongo n I have that collection going.

  14. I want to buy 40 party invitations with this print. If not available, then I’d like to pay for permission to use the print to make invitations for our homeowners holiday party. Pretty please & thank you! ~ Eva

    • RedandHowling

      Hello Eva, I’m sorry, I’m just now seeing your message. I don’t have this image available yet as a print, but will in the near future. I’m sorry, I currently don’t sell my art to be used for other purposes. I hope you understand. Thank you for asking :).

  15. RedandHowling

    Thank you for all the feedback! I am going to make this available for the upcoming 2017 holidays as a print :).

  16. Hello,I’m looking for a cartoon that is similar to this one. It writes 「love is a four-legged word」. Do you have any idea where can I found it? Thanks a lot.

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