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The Perils of Puddles


Many dogs enjoy quenching their thirst from puddles, the more pungent the puddle, the better it seems.

The problem is…just about anything can find its way into a puddle, from deadly antifreeze (common in parking lots) to fertilizers (often near farms and gardens), so don’t let your fur kids drink from puddles and other stagnant water sources, like ponds.

A few things to be aware of:

DEADLY BACTERIA: Not all dogs become sick when exposed to Leptospirosis, but for those that do, the results can be devastating. Leptospirosis most commonly causes kidney failure.

PROTOZOA GIARDIA These organisms are microscopic protozoa. The most common symptom caused by giardiasis in dogs is diarrhea and weight loss.

WARNING: Be sure to avoid puddles that have formed in and around parked cars where antifreeze can leak from vehicles. Consumption of only a very tiny amount of antifreeze can kill a dog/cat.

Be vigilant around other stagnant water sources, as well as flowing water, like creeks and rivers. These also can harbor harmful toxins.

TIP: Bring fresh drinking water with you on long walks and on warm days. It may not be possible to prevent every lick from an enticing puddle, but just be aware of the dangers.

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6 comments on “The Perils of Puddles

  1. Tania Ba Loo Manseau

    I’m so grateful for all the safety tips you provide us with. More often than not,it’s information I didn’t know. SO, THANK YOU for helping me keep my BaLoo safer. 😀 <3
    Belly rub to Isabelle. <3 🙂


  3. Heidi Machson

    Great cartoon!

  4. Laurie Hammeke

    EXCELLENT advice!! All of your cartoons are SO colorful! I just love them!!

  5. Janie DeVors

    My very first dog was a chow mix. VERY smart! I taught him language and my version of sign commands. We lived in FL where puddles were parasite infested cesspools! So I taught my Teddy Bear poison by 2 crossed arms and fist over my chest. (skull and cross bones) Ted NEVER ate anything if I told/or showed him poison. The first time my new husband took him for a walk it was very hot! He took Ted to a puddle for a drink. Apparently Ted looked at him like he was crazy! I’ not drinking that stanking stuff! I got fresh water at home!

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