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October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month (video)

There are so many lovable dogs just waiting for a warm and happy home!

6 comments on “October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month (video)

  1. Lisa Lundgren

    Those eyes!! LOVE

  2. Love this! The doggy looks pretty much like Munch!!!

  3. ..
    I ♥ Red and Howling

  4. ♥️♥️♥️♥️ To Shelter Pets everywhere 🐾♥️

  5. Debbie Anderson-Stewart

    We have taken in rescue dogs of all shapes, ages and sizes for many years now. Usually they are the one eyed, three legged geriatrics, but our hearts and our bed is big enough for us all. Last year we went up to 12 angels, but 5 of our golden oldies got their wings and left us, with such sad heart. My husband Andrew finds tears incredibly painful to deal with but has come to understand that things will never change, I will do it again and again. Your cartoons have made me laugh, smile and cry. You are SO talented. Thank you so much for understanding the souls of the babies you draw with such deep love. We live in South Africa and there is a lot to weep about, especially regarding animal rescue. But we have some huge hearts out there that go into terrible situations to save a furry life. It brings back ones faith in human kind and reassures our souls that there are some wonderful people in this world. Thank you for making my days. Love Debbie

  6. Shelley Glenn


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