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Red & HOWLLowEEn Tricks & Treats Video Playlist

Hope you’ve enjoyed all the new videos this October!

Here’s a playlist of 7 short animations containing my new Red & HOWLLowEEn videos, as well as a couple of favorites from last year.  So kick back, tuck into that bag of candy corn and enjoy.

You can also hear some of these great spooky soundtracks on my new music section (will be adding more very soon, so let me know your favorites!)  Have a safe, happy and (most importantly) Howling Halloween!

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7 comments on “Red & HOWLLowEEn Tricks & Treats Video Playlist

  1. Claudia Parker

    Love Red and Hiwling!

  2. Glenda F. Dees

    Gotta love it ! Makes me smile ! Thank you . Glenda

  3. Jamie Laine

    You are all so creative thank you for all your brilliance and for making me laugh👍💕

  4. Kelly Bassett

    These are great!

  5. Love everything you do! <3

  6. Jana Salvatori

    Love love love them all!

  7. Stephanie Mittelmark

    Always Adorable 🐶🐱🐭🐹🐣🐯🐨🐼🐻🦊🦁

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