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World’s Best Cat Bed


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5 comments on “World’s Best Cat Bed

  1. laddieluv

    *Red and Howling* ALWAYS knows…
    Thank you
    for sharing your insight
    and talent
    with the world.

  2. Steve Szejna

    You could tell from the first picture what the cat was thinking. Where’s the box human? 😺

  3. I have a rescue kitty. He dutifully uses every single thing I buy him. He makes sure that I notice the fact that he uses every single one of the 8 or 10 beds that are strewn about the house. He climbs every cat tree. He plays with every toy. A most rewarding cat! Love rescues.

  4. My cats say the best cat bed is usually mom’s back!

  5. Priscilla

    My newly adopted kitten seems to think that my inner thighs are the best sleeping spot. Twice I’ve awakened to find him nestled comfortably between my legs. I have to sleep on my back with my legs slightly raised upon a pillow or two due to Fibromyalgia pain…so its cute that De’Oge has found this comforting location to rest and sleep in as opposed to the 2 $20 beds I’ve purchased for him! LOL

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