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Hugs Make Everything Better

January 21st is National Hug Day! I think it is National Hug Day in my house every day :).

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10 comments on “Hugs Make Everything Better

  1. Angie Price

    I wish I had a hugs from the big, sweet dog! He looks very squishy and lovable. Tough weeks call for good hugs and kisses.

  2. Jenefer Berdar

    Looks like my squishy, cuddly Peanut Butter!

  3. ..
    ..absolutely true..
    dog hugs are treasures..

  4. Carol Navin

    Exactly what i need today. Hugs are my favorite thing to give and get from just about any dog.

  5. That reminds me of my Pug Emma when she got old. She couldn’t walk far anymore so it was hard to keep the weight off her. So she was a little heavy and had squishy little rolls like a lot of Pugs do. She knew right away when I was sad and would come press up against me. I miss her so much.

  6. Anne Tenaglia

    I will never forget the first time I got a hig from my 5 year old pittie, rescued from cruelty. We has fostered the adopted and it was only after 3 years that one night he came to where I was sitting and put his head on my shoulder and leaned in. He loves me!

  7. Neither of my dogs really liked being hugged. I could read their body language. It was like “here she goes again”. They would let me hug and kiss them and I would let them lick me a couple times which I don’t really like. I miss them greatly. Hugging is a no go with my chinchilla but he gives me Eskimo kisses which tickle. I love your work! Thanks so much for sharing. I recently found a lost sweet pittie girl. She gave me a big slurpy thank you kiss when I invited her inside while I called her people. 🙂


      Hi Debbie,
      During the Great Depression, “hobos” would stop only at certain homes for warmth, kindness, and if there was any extra food, a hot meal. Years and years later it was learned that the homeless had somehow “marked” each of those homes so that the next homeless person would know which house was safe and full of good people.
      It appears to me that you or your house has that secret mark that tell animals you will help them. That you are a good person. Enjoy those Eskimo kisses and if any of my fur family gets lost, I hope they come to you for help.

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