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6 comments on “Nicknames

  1. Lisa De Jesus

    Hilarious!!!!! And sooooo true! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Susan Rodriguez

    I’ll say to one of my Pups, “are you ok Sweetie” and my Hubby will answer, “I’m ok”…….I don’t correct him 😃

  3. Caroline

    Noppy (chihuahua,’your just a little Nop’ means nothing just suited her). Poopy the boy Chi. Now I have Moo Moo (Daisy) and Mrs Tiggywinkle (Rooney)
    I adopt elderly dogs so the turnover is what it is. Love them all & love your site xx

  4. Alicia Pacowski

    Lol! You got me beat but I do have all kinds of nicknames for my pooches.

  5. Too true!! 🙃❤️🤣👍

  6. Molly Matus

    Love This ❤️😘🐶💕😂❤️🐈😘

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