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My Bed …

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15 comments on “My Bed …

  1. Apprreciate this blog post

  2. Amy CLINGER

    Looks familiar…. haha!

  3. Perfect fits me. Need to make tee shirt for that one!!❤️🐾

  4. The more, the merrier! 🙂

  5. Linda Ballenger

    I love this cartoon! I have Baby ( my pupper) and Bitty ( my kitten ) who sleep with me . I can’t sleep if they aren’t in there ❤

  6. Wait… you missed the sweet cat that sleeps above my husband at night and wakes him every morning by licking his bald head and purring loudly.

  7. Most definitely a dream bed!

  8. Mari Mitchell


  9. Mari Mitchell

    My bed this morning

  10. sherry mangold

    The “dream bed” is my sleeping situation, minus the cats. Sometimes it can be a bit of a nightmare as I’m convinced all dogs swell up and expand when sleeping with us!

    • I’m laughing so hard at your thought: but it explains why a 5lb little dog takes up half of our bed at night! Thank you for sharing this wonderful insight. E

    • Yep without the cats! 🛏 🐶💗🐶🛏 Dogs all the way 🥰🐶💓

  11. Totally aww. My idea of perfect bed too😍

  12. Christina Mccoy

    Looks a lot like my bed!

  13. Mine too!

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