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14 comments on “How to be Happy

  1. It is very important for us to be happy. Your article has been enlightening and fun to read and I am grateful so thank you for sharing. You would love this article.

  2. Love your sketches,can you draw a Westie in your posts occasionally please.

  3. Spot on!!

  4. Cheryl Garcia

    So perfect. There is nothing I would rather do than be with my furbabies.

  5. Gabrielle Peak

    I adore this cartoon with the message that being and feeling is a great source of happiness, The Zen Kitty expressed so well !

  6. Amber Gentry

    Ahhh…the best part of my day – hugging my Bassets.

  7. Doing a very contented and heart fulfilling “nothing” right now 🥰🥰🐶🐶💖🌈

  8. ..now that’s the truth..

  9. Barbara Johnson

    Just what I’m doing now x

  10. My 3 girls (dogs) are everything to me. They are the reason I have joy in my life. Along with fostering other animals usually cats of which I have 4 – 4 month old cats. People say cats are easier to look after than dogs. I haven’t found that to be true when I need to clean 4 litter boxes 1 to 2 times per day. 🙂 But I’d rather them be with me than out in the freezing cold right now any day.

  11. Christina McCoy


  12. Deborah Weis

    Nailed it!

  13. Angie Price

    I love, love, love doing nothing with my four fur babies. They love doing nothing with me!

  14. Good its very beautiful blog how to be happy thanks

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