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Every little Kindness

Every little bit of Kindness, no matter how small, from the shortest smile to the longest hug, makes a BIG difference to others and to the world.

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6 comments on “Every little Kindness

  1. Shannon Karageorge

    Love this for so many reasons! We may not always know it but kindness shown to a stranger who may be struggling in life and convinced that no one cares, could save their life.

  2. I love the most recent cartoon!! Every little kindness makes a big difference. That’s so awesome. Your work makes a big difference.

  3. You’ll never know that even a pat on the back or touch of the hand will mean to someone who feels alone.

  4. How adorable, such a beautiful piece of artwork ❣❣
    Beautiful words❣❣ thank you ❣❣

  5. Perfectly said!!❤️

  6. Gabrielle Peak

    Yes, every bit of kindness is so important in our families blended with lots of Canine a/o Feline Furr Babies. There is no such thing as too much cuddling, love or kindness with our Pups, Cats and with each others.

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