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The Snuggle is Real

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16 comments on “The Snuggle is Real

  1. I don’t have dogs but I certainly have squish me cats. I can’t sit or lay down without them coming out of no where and the squishing begins😄

  2. Katalin Heymann

    I never had a dog squish me, but I had a Maltese who slept between me & my boyfriend’s pillows deliver some really stinky farts. All other dogs trained to sleep at the foot of the bed or a cushioned table at the foot of the bed. The only squish I ever received was from a orange tabby who insisted on sleeping on my long hair or her 25 lb sister. I would try to turn at night & feel someone was pulling my hair & it was the orange tabby. If I had pain in 1 of my legs it was the hefty kitty.

  3. Connie M Fogg-Bouchard

    my husband gets the day snuggle; i get the night squish. no, really….80lbs leaving me 10″ of bed and little cover. and we just went out and got a king-sized bed to prevent this. HA!🙄

  4. Amy CLINGER

    U are so talented, Amy!
    And the Snuggle is VERY REAL!!!! LOVE THIS!

  5. Almost human????

  6. Christina McCoy

    This is so my babies! Love it!❤️❤️❤️

  7. So true. When it happened to me. I deserved it as I had been working on a project and had not given him much attention. Lesson well learned. Keep up the cheerfullness RJ

  8. This is so true. I was so surprised when it happened. I had been working on making xmas gifts and unknowingly not been paying attention to him. I learned a good lesson. Best every to you. Keep up the cheerfullness

  9. Christina White

    This is true of my Chihuahua. Except she doesn’t snuggle at night either.😥
    Only when she doesn’t feel well.
    She is 15 1/2 and has just never been a snuggler EXCEPT when she is with my elderly parents. Which is nice.

  10. Tania Ba Loo Manseau

    Lol I love this! I always wondered why my BaLoo does this sometimes? I can’t handle the rejection!!! lol 😂😂😂🐾💜

  11. Michelle O

    I’m on vacation and miss my 3 girls so much. I go home this weekend. I can’t wait to have all their wet noses and stinky kisses on my face. I’m never sad to end a vacation when I know they’re at home waiting to greet me.

  12. Kathy Bates

    Haha 😂 so cute!! And true!! Love this! 🥰😁

  13. What a synchronicity ! My Pupster has been doing that lately……my feelings were hurt at first.Then,l I realized that Boki knows when I want to snuggle vs. I need to snuggle.Ahhh.

  14. Hee hee ha ha!! Crazy true🤣😉

  15. Cheryl Gallagher

    🤣🤣 So true!

  16. LOVE THIS ONE SOOOO MUCH! Da Snug is real! ❤️🐾

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