Wellness Flashcard 1: Gratitude

I’ve made a series of flashcards that will be released over the next few weeks via my Newsletter. I created them to help keep you positive, strong, and healthy! Put on your fridge for motivation, share with family, send to a buddy! xoAmy

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Buy art. Do good.
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10 comments on “Wellness Flashcard 1: Gratitude

  1. Laurie

    Amy, thank you so much for your your loving and inspiring Gratitude flash card. You are like a good friend from afar. Virtual hug!

  2. Toni Sweet

    I’m VERY grateful for you and the joy your adorable cartoons bring to my life and the lives of others!!

  3. SOOO SWEET!!😍 Thank you.- love the gratitude cards 👍

  4. Bernie B.

    Everything you do is spot on and beautiful!

  5. JUST BEAUTIFUL…… a gentle reminder for us all! Thank You

  6. Nancy Lilly

    I love this. Perfect for the time we are in right now.

  7. Gabrielle Peak

    Marvelous gratitude cards. Thank you for your constant kindness, Amy.

  8. Candy Cruikshank

    Just what I needed! Ill be printing these out; I’m looking forward to seeing the others (I love the little yoga kitty! Lol). Thank you for creating these!! Stay safe

  9. So beautiful and thoughtful ❣ thank you

  10. Barbara Johnson

    Wonderful xx🐾


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