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Snack Bag

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29 comments on “Snack Bag

  1. Elizabeth De Jesus

    love this so much!

  2. Kim Huculiak

    So True and very funny!!

  3. Debbie Kipp

    Oh my this is so true.

  4. Efrain Vargas-Hernandez

    OMG I could not stop laughing because I go through the same thing with my two min dachshunds.

  5. So true! And funny!❤️

  6. Hannah Nyberg

    Just like my Toby ❤🐾

  7. Wendy Howell

    So like every dog I ever had!!! One of my cockers, completely deaf, sound asleep, and snoring loudly( the type of snoring that could open and close drawers) could “hear” a refrigerator door open three rooms away. You’d turn around and there she would be!

      • EJ Cornelisse

        You are so funny: “open and close drawers”. Have you thought of writing comedy? You painted a lovely picture of your four pawed family member. Thank you!

  8. Kellie Bebo

    Love it . So Funny and True 🐾❤️

  9. Deborah

    Yup❤️. Mine knows the split second I begin to peel a banana😂.

  10. lydia wilson

    You and your creatures make my day! Your wonderful and amazing and so talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Stefanie Soto

    So spot on 😂😂

  12. regia ward

    so so true love the cartoon

  13. pocahontas94

    I love these fat little dogs

  14. Michelle Bequette

    You bet! Every meal, snack, treat has to be sniffed/looked at by my girl! She just wants to know that you at least showed and “offered” her a tidbit–even if she knows she doesn’t like it–do that she feels included in the family meal time. It’s so funny and sweet in its own way: the pack eats together!

  15. Karen Ryan

    Hahaha !! So true ! My precious Shammy used to be this way too of course so when I went into the kitchen to do whatever and didn’t want her to stare at me with that cute ,sad face , I would turn the kitchen faucet on and it seemed to deter her from coming in . What I would give to turn it on again for that .

  16. Michelle O

    I had a beautiful Pom named Windy. She loved Muffins. Every time I’d have one I’d warm it up in the toaster oven. So every time she’d hear the creak of the toaster oven door she’d come running. She passed years ago and I still miss her as much as I did then. Windy and my other dogs that have passed I look forward to seeing in heaven.

  17. Ann Danz

    That very sound saved our little Shelby. She had escaped our vehicle and fled into the thick pinebarrens of NJ.
    Crinkling her treat bag brought her back in a hurry! Thank you for that memory today.

  18. Never fails to put a smile on my face. Thank you!

  19. Gloria P Meneses


  20. laddieluv

    ..heartwarming truth..

  21. Melinda Aalberg

    snack bags or single slice cheese wrappers are heard in the next room — our newest sound that gets the dogs running into the kitchen is the sound of a scooper into the cereal tub and the noise of the cereal hitting the bowl

  22. Sidney Bailey

    Never fails! When I open my pantry door and They
    think it’s snack time i have 2 wiggling corgi butts!

  23. Barbara Johnson

    Very true xxxx🐾🐾🐾


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