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The Nature of Things

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17 comments on “The Nature of Things

  1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Love your cartoons, so cute. I know you will be back in early spring of 2021, I look forward to you coming back in business. Meanwhile good luck on the move. Take care and have a safe happy Holiday

  2. This cartoon is so true , yet Im feeling sadness in the last two cartoons. Major cyber hug Ms. Amy 🤗💞

  3. Deborah A Kipp

    We can’t all be perfect. But we can do better for us and our furbabies. Or for all the animals out there..

  4. Sad but true 😢❤️

  5. Sidney Bailey

    Absolutely agree with this!

  6. Thompson Jocelyn

    You took the words right out of my mouth 😢

  7. My fav t-shirt says “sometimes I meet people and feel sorry for their dog”, I get tons of compliments on it so many people agree! It’s sad…

  8. Michelle O

    I’ve been feeling that a lot lately. People don’t want to step up and help others unless they benefit from it somehow. The elderly in Senior Homes are really feeling lonely especially the ones who don’t have family. If you can please go and volunteer to visit these people. They can turn out to be the most interesting, funny, kind and the best friends you’ll ever have.

    • So very true. We volunteer with our Therapy Dog at a Senior Home. It means so very much to them AND to me to bring a little joy into their lives. Visits are on hold right now but we will resume when it is safe again.

  9. I get very happy when I see your art 👑🌹🌻🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾

  10. Christina McCoy


  11. My baby was what kept me smiling, and, wanting too get up in the mornings. They give us so much unconditional love, whether we need it or not. 😉. I cannot wait until Spring when I hope to have another four legged baby. The greatest joy of untroubled, unbroken, easy on the stress level move to the East coast. X💟

  12. Ann L. Danz

    So- so true. Best wishes with your move!

  13. Unfortunately, so true. I have your new calendar and love it! Good luck with your move ❤️🐾

  14. Mary McKheen

    That’s how I feel too.

  15. Gabrielle Peak

    This cartoon expresses how many of us feel about puppy / kitty love! Yet, people can disappoint us but not our furr babies.

  16. Barbara Johnson

    Really beautiful xxx


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