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So Tired…

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24 comments on “So Tired…

  1. Yep. Me, too.

  2. I cannot sleep without them!

  3. My three Basset ladies take over the bed, but they also keep me warm on cold nights. I can’t fall sleep until they are all snuggled up with me. When it’s time to get up and feed the horses, they are off the bed and howling!

  4. OMG the detail in the drawings – HYSTERICAL expressions/positions!! Nap time is just like this!🤣Bed time w papa is not allowed 😉

    • BTW Well wishes to you & family . Safe travels Amy!! Thank you 🐶😃☀️❤️

  5. Frances Conwell

    This is the story of my life with cats. My boy Jaxson is 16 lbs. of love, but he insists on the middle of my double bed so I usually end up hugging the side. BTW, I adopted Jaxson from a local rescue & found him on Adopt a Pet! I’ve been a fan & customer of yours for quite awhile, but only recently realized that you were a co-founder of Adopt-a-Pet, Jaxson & I thank you very much!

  6. Deborah A Kipp

    Sounds like my life with Red my dog.

  7. I absolutely adore your website, cartoons, and shop. I recently came upon your site and now I am addicted. Can’t wait for your shop to reopen. Good luck on your cross country move!!!!!

  8. Darlene Hnatyshyn

    So descriptive of our life with our two long-legged greyhounds 😂 Even a king-sized bed is too small sometimes.


    TOO CUTE!!!!

  10. Cynthia Petrashevich

    OMG My Life! 😳❤

  11. I too have 2 dogs that sleep with me & push back if I move & lick my eyes in the morning to wake up! Love them dearly couldn’t sleep without them 🐾🐾. LOVE your cartoons💜. Wish you well & happy in your new home, hi to your mom! Helene xo

  12. Kathy Ziegler

    I have four dogs that sleep with me and occasionally one of my four cats will join us.❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Patricia Kreibich

    On the knees, above the head, below the tushie, as long as a beanstalk between my hubby and me – and…. BEWARE OF THE CAT if you dare to move 😸😻 exactly as you have described.
    I really really love your cartoons, they make my day 💗
    Hope your move works out fine !
    Stay happy, healthy and safe 🍀

  14. Wendy Marshall

    Oh yes, I have both a dog and a cat and this is soooo true.

  15. Kathy Bates

    Haha!! Perfect!! You always make our day with these, Amy!! Continue to be happy, healthy, and safe. 🥰🐾
    Kathy & Rod

  16. So right and true! However, I do not want to miss any second of the unconditional love of my three cats!

  17. This is so true. Every night i have to compete for a spot on My Bed. But it’s worth the lack of sleep. Love my furbabies.

  18. Barbara Johnson

    so least they keep me warm in winter!!!!!!😍🐾

  19. Katalin H Heymann

    Years ago I had 2 cats that interfered with my sleep. One would sleep on my long hair on my pillow. The other would climb onto my legs sometime in the night. I would wake up with awful leg pain & find a 20 lb cat on my chins. Had to finally put up a baby gate to keep them out because the hair sleeper started to wake me by poking me in the face to see if I was awake. Loved them but needed my zzzs.

  20. Gabrielle Peak

    In High School, we had a wonderful Beagle who slept with me. In the morning, Fleagle would rest her head on my toucas. Calling my mother into my room to coax her off my bed, became a necessary ritual. Why? Fleagle would nip my on the butt if I tried to get up before she was ready. Sweet Fleagle lived a long and happy life for nearly 19 years!

  21. Sidney Bailey

    Both of my corgis sleep with me in my double and I have to compete for middle and other on top of my feet.. Makes me -happy !..🐘my

  22. Cheryl L Gallagher

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 So true to say the least!


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