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What are you going to be?

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19 comments on “What are you going to be?

  1. Love it❤️

  2. Linda Hann

    Absolutely Adorable!!💕

  3. ADORABLE!!🥰😍😘😃

  4. Gabrielle Peak

    This is such an adorable Halloween cartoon. The Pupster is my favorite “R & H” character. Love, love, love!!

  5. Sweetness as always. Thank you, Amy!

  6. Roberta L HARTMAN

    Love it

  7. Debbie Mattson

    I love your cartoons!

  8. Laurie Hammeke

    It’s so true, and so perfect! I LOVE it!

  9. Beautiful cartoon. I hope that we can become better human beings to deserve living with all animals and nature 🙂

  10. Beautiful cartoon. So sad that we humans can be so cruel and selfish… I hope that we can become better humans everyday 🙂 to deserve living with animals and nature. Happy Halloween!

  11. Love this!❤

  12. Love these ❤

  13. So true!!! I ❤️ It!!!

  14. Christina McCoy

    Love this!!❤️❤️❤️

  15. Bettie Brown


  16. Margaret Holzberger

    Love it!!!!!

  17. Cari Lombardi

    Soo cure! Those faces just draw you in.❤️

  18. Too cute, as always! I love Halloween.

  19. Super cute!


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