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Happy 2022!

Happy 2022! (Lovely music by my hubby Bryan!)

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10 comments on “Happy 2022!

  1. Thank you Ms.Amy! This hit the heart deep! 🥳Wishing nothing but the GOOD POSITIVE LOVELY & HEALTHY things to you & yours ( furry & not) plus to your followers too!! 🙏MUCH LOVE❤️

  2. Don W Hutchinson

    Thank you! They’re great!

  3. Happy New Year to everyone, and to all the beautiful fur babies that make are lives even more beautiful, keep the happiness coming in all your cartoons that you send out🐶🐱🌈👍😊…

  4. Donna Simonson

    Always a portrait of that “real love” we feel without any words…You and your husband are so gifted and giving to each of us…Happy Year indeed!

  5. Lora E Kuntz

    Thank you! May 2022 be full of happiness and magical moments!

  6. Happy New Year back at you

  7. Veronica Manzaroli

    😥 bit emotional 💞💞🐾…

  8. Happy New Year Amy xxx

  9. Sallyjain Warburton

    Thank you so much. Happy New Year

  10. I love how your cartoons are either so funny it hurts or so poignant it hurts, thank you.
    I hope you, your humans and your doggie family as well as everyone and their doggie family members have a happy healthy positive 2022


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