NEW! “Fireworks and Pets” safety poster to help raise awareness—print & share!

You can download this free poster from my shop 🥰!

FREE Poster Download: Fireworks and Pets

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3 comments on “Fourth of July Plans…

  1. Thank you, Amy; this is perfect. People around us have been trying out their fireworks in broad daylight; no thought of who they may scare and send into a panic. My cats are, pretty much, staying under the bed these days. I made copies of the Fireworks and Pets download (thank you!) to put on the community mailboxes in my neighborhood. Hoping it will ger some folks to think about what they are doing, and take it easy leading up to, and past the 4th. I never go out on the 4th; my gang needs to feel safe!

  2. Thank you for this Ms Amy. As they gotten oder my fur babies have become fearful so we spend the night cruising in the car playing music & it helps greatly. Happy 4th of July 🥳🐶🎈

  3. Nicoletta Paul

    Such lovely colors but such a sad subject. My dog is very scared of any kind of shooting (fireworks, hunters, traditional shooting – we live in Bavaria and they like to fire gunshots during certain ceremonies) and thunder. He just found out that the top end of my bed is the safest place (obviously), so he officially is allowed in bed for certain occasions…


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