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Magnet Mania!

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I love useful things and I love them even more when they’re pretty! Decorative magnets have always been a favorite of mine, so I made a set of 6 FURiends magnets for you to make and enjoy! All the supplies are available on Amazon (you might have some of these items already).

Supplies at a Glance:

Crafty Supplies:

Quality paper that will make color pop! (glossy, bright white paper is ideal, but other paper will work just fine). The cabochon glass will magnify and enhance the paper, too!

Cabochon Glass (you can find all sorts of cabochon magnet kits, but I’ve not found any as nice as these or as large—2 inches!). They come individually wrapped, so they don’t arrive scratched. If you want an economical kit that comes with cabochons & magnets and do not mind smaller magnets, get this 1″ inch Magnet Kit (just remember to print art at 50%, not 100%, so art will fit).

Nice and Strong Magnets I love STRONG magnets that can hold things, so I sourced this set of strong magnets. They come with sticky circles, so you can just peel and pop onto the back of your cabochons, no need for more glue!

Glue: I’m a Mod Podge I am a Mod Podge devotee, but you can use other glue, too. (if you prefer something stronger and plan to do any jewelry crafts, this is a popular strong glue that adheres to many surfaces).

Colorful craft paper (or get clever and use a pretty cloth remnant or wrapping paper or scrap paper or even junk mail for backing).

Make sure you cut inside the guideline, so your circle isn’t too big (you can always trim off excess paper after the magnets are assembled, so don’t worry too much).

You can wipe off your cabochon with a cloth. I use lens cleaning wipes, so they get extra clean before assembling! And you can use the extras on your glasses :).

You only need a THIN layer of glue to get art to stick, so don’t overdue it.

Press cabochon firmly onto art. It will look a little cloudy until it dries.

Cutout a circle of plain or decorative paper the size of the art. This will go on the back of the back of art :).

Carefully stick magnet onto center / back. If you buy these sturdy magnets you get handy stickers, so you don’t have to use glue.

Happy Woof-tastic magnet crafting! xoAmy

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5 comments on “Magnet Mania!

  1. Amelia Sampels

    This is so awesome!!! Thank you soooo much!!!

  2. Thank you! They’re ggreat!

  3. Teresa Schwab

    Thank you for generously providing this great project! However, I think you might offer premade magnets for sale on your website too!

  4. paula puliti

    This is amazing! I love these craft ideas, keep them coming!

  5. What a sweet & generous gesture Ms. Amy!! Thank you this looks like fun 😉


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