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Brick's nosework teacher told me to do dog puzzles to tire him out.  I thought New Year's Eve would be a good time to try...

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He crashed out after the photo because learning to get "on" a weird storage container then "sit" and "stay" was exhausting...  but once the fireworks started he was wide awake.  It makes me sad to see him so stressed out - but i am thankful that he doesn't express his anxiety with his teeth. 

Topic starter Posted : 02/01/2019 7:57 am
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So he wasn’t working on the puzzle in the picture?! 😂

Posted : 02/01/2019 5:50 pm
Mad Murphy
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Hi, his expression is priceless so not impressed with the whole idea...

Glad he made it through the fireworks ok. (you too)

Posted : 03/01/2019 4:17 am

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