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Hi Crazy Dog Allies,

Brain on over load - google on meltdown - need some help brainstorming.  Facebook friend in Missouri was just told by her landlord she has to get rid of all her dogs.  (one is 14, one is 10, two are 7 and the baby is 18 months)  She's had failing health and the house hasn't been kept up as well as it once was, she adopted her granddaughters and works hard to raise those pre-teens and now this tragedy - right before the holidays, no less! 

I found one senior dog rescue in St. Louis...  do any of you have any experience in that area?   I've got them posted on facebook (Unbecca Happypants) and i'm sending emails but i feel like i'm missing some window somewhere..  All advice welcome. 


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Griff Mom
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@theonewiththethumbs  So nice of you to help your friend!  Some thoughts:  

a)  Sometimes the breeder or the agency the dog was rescued from will take them back.  Our two pups are both rescues and we signed an agreement when we adopted that if we couldn't take care of them, we'd bring them back.

b)  Depending on where your friend lives, there are organizations that will help facilitate a re-home.  I did a quick search and this one came up that looked interesting:   in mid Missouri.  She could also look into nearby "no-kill" shelters.

All good wishes to you & your friend!



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Mad Murphy
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Sorry I cant help but just wanted to wish you luck and say thankyou for helping your friend.


I still cant believe there are still shelters killing animals.. it makes a mockery of the word Shelter ... 😥 

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@griff-mom thanks! didn't think to ask where she got them [facepalm]

@mad-murphy things have improved a lot. There is a new shelter close to where i work with a 90% "success" rate.  The problem still falls on the owners.  If they don't train a dog, leave it tied to a tree in the yard, and the dog is too aggressive or "dangerous" the shelters can't rehome them.  They often try to release to a rescue for rehab - but the rescue i "work for" had a disaster with one of those dogs a couple years ago...  the dog attacked the foster mom, put her in the hospital.  we voted unanimously (with broken hearts) to put the dog down. 


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