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Last night my dogs were running around like rodeo clowns trying to catch a mouse (Brick chased it into the garden fence and looked like a cartoon as he accordioned flat into the side of the house) but all that running, plus the cold - and possibly chasing her with the vacuum earlier (at her request) - left Maybe limping. She tore a tendon in her ankle years ago and it just won't heal...  But her Dr. gave me pain pills to keep on hand for just such occasions.

I watched her hobbling toward the couch and asked her if she wanted a pill...  both dogs ran to the kitchen and sat to wait.  
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(totally snapped a pic to send boyfriend with a 'neener neener')  
But it got me to thinking... What commands do you find to be the most useful? 
Recall commands are of course important, but i think "go away" cues are underrated.  After cramming pills into Daisy - i will forever and always teach all my pets how to take a pill! that's for sure!  😆 
Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2019 8:33 am
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Sweet pic!  One of my favorite commands:  "get on your spot". to settle in for the evening TV watching.  When training them, we put treats on their spot, then opened the door to the room and said:  "get on your spot"  which are 2 cot-like beds.  We had to scale back on the treats, because sometimes the beds would go flying in all directions when they did their treat searching. 

My other favorite is "Sit, Stay, Come".  It takes all their concentration to do this, because they know there is a MAJOR AWARD at the end.  My two can be like the Bumpas' dogs in the movie:  A Christmas Story.  If you remember, they were the neighbor's dogs that came in and ruined the turkey.  Slightly delayed gratification helps their concentration and seems to make the treat so much more enjoyable for them. 

You've got me thinking that I should try these commands when they have to take any meds.  Waggle is especially good at rolling them around in her mouth and spitting them out.  Maybe if she thought it was something special...  hmmm...we'll see.  

Posted : 19/02/2019 12:22 pm
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"get on your spot" is so hard for Brick!  Maybe just yawns and looks away  😆  oh she's rotten!  😉 

I have a couple bath mats that i was trying to move around with "get on your rug" but if it wasn't visible Brick would just panic.  My poor guy!   🤣  But he is awesome at going to bed.  When i tell him to get on his mat (different than rug) he races to the bedroom and plops flat.  He knows bedtime snack is on the way!  

He'll do anything for food.  Except let me cut his nails.  I regret not doing a lot more work on nail-trimming commands!

I also wish i would have done more work on door commands. Maybe is so impossible and Brick follows her lead so i just gave up on that.  If i'm expecting a food delivery, i take the easy out and put them in their crates.

Topic starter Posted : 19/02/2019 2:41 pm

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