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Ok, so I have something nice to say… 

I have a dog walker that comes every Monday to take Maybe for a walk.  Since Brick does not like walks, the dog walker plays with Brick 10-15 minutes in the backyard before taking off with Maybe.  He leaves me a note before he leaves to let me know who pottied and to what extent.  Honestly, I laugh when I read his notes because it’s always the same “Brick won’t go out in the wet grass and Maybe did everything she was told” (uh, sure she did!)

For months now Brick has gotten ZERO play time because he doesn’t want to get his princess feet wet….   I’ve started to…   worry?  Not so much about Brick (he plays with ME all the time)  but…  is dude really taking Brick out?  Brick always wants to play – and last week I had him out IN THE RAIN – admittedly, first time ever, but he was playing when it started and didn’t notice. So yesterday, like any perfectly sane helicopter parent, I sat at work with the backyard camera on live feed to see if 1) Is dude really taking the dogs out?  2) Is Brick REALLY not playing??

For ten minutes I watched dude really putting in the effort – Brick not responding.  He tried the flirt pole, he tried bubbles!  Seriously?  Brick has never and ever ever turned down a chance to play bubbles!!   At the ten minute mark it looked like dude was walking toward the house, giving up.   I turned off my phone and sat thinking – should I stop the service?  Should I consult a vet or behaviorist?  Should I call the business owner and request a meeting to see if Brick even likes this dude?  (tho, if Brick did not – that would be pretty obvious…)  But you know there is a lot to think about here…. And of course everything was negative.

I went home and read his note, he said he did not give up until Brick played!  So I checked the motion footage and I’m just so happy…  he really did keep going until he got Brick out there playing!  I’m still a little concerned as to WHY Brick is being difficult, it’s out of character.  But this guy really put in the work, and was probably late to his next appointment.  But – with all the bad stuff on the news lately about the dog walking apps, and knowing how often people DON'T put in any effort into their jobs...  it was refreshing - and reassuring - to see that this guy really does like my dogs!

That's a nope.


Brick's laying in the shade of the house


Poor guy got a work out - but he won!


Topic starter Posted : 19/03/2019 8:21 am
Mad Murphy
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  • Thats a really nice thing and what a great dog walker. 
Posted : 19/03/2019 8:31 am
Griff Mom
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Isn't Brick your sensitive one?  It takes time for those ones to accept new peeps.  That has been my experience w/ my Woody.  For the first 6 months that we had Woody, he would just go stand out in the yard - doing nothing.  We thought he might have sight issues. It took a long time for him to get used to us and begin to play.

Brick's probably a little unsure of what to do w/ the dog walker.  "Play with this intruder?  RU kidding me?"

Does Brick enjoy nose work games?  Hiding smelly treats in the yard and having him "go find it" might help kickstart his fun side.  Just a thought.

BTW - you are a good dog mom for making sure the pups are looked after while you are away - VERY NICE!



Posted : 19/03/2019 10:59 am
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Sorry I guess I should have included that – dude has been coming over for more than a year.  The first couple times Brick was unsure, but then he just loved having his friend come visit.  It is odd though, when I go home on lunch – only on dog walker Monday – Brick is acting “sad.”  I’ve puzzled over whether it’s because Maybe gets a walk and he doesn’t?  He feels guilty that he plays with this dude?  I don’t know, it’s only on Mondays.  When I get home Monday night, he’s fine.  Every other day of the week, he’s fine…  and I know Brick..  if he didn’t like the guy he would be hollering at him, or keeping his distance completely.  In the first few minutes I was watching Brick did go up to the guy, wagging his tail, to say hello.


I don’t recognize the behavior …  I’ve never seen him AVOID PLAY! Especially bubbles!!  Brick hates kids, and for the longest time I thought he was going to eat my youngest niece – but after she busted out the bubbles….  He still doesn’t like her – but I’m no longer worried that he’ll eat her.


He LOVES nosework!  I started him in classes almost 4 years ago to help build his confidence and give him a “job.”  I can’t see we’ll ever quit.  The first year or so he would slink into the building, tail tucked, all joints bent trying to make himself short and unnoticeable. Now he marches in like he owns the joint.  He MUST say hello to all his people before he’ll get to work.. and his teacher just loves him!  She gives him hugs and scratches before he starts working, and I know she always gives him a little extra… whether it’s a few more minutes, an extra room – often she lets him do the advanced class set up (the serious competition set up) just to give him a little more of a challenge.  For the few weeks I was out after my shoulder surgery – she’d stop by the house to visit with him…  my heart would just swell watching how happy he was to see her.  He was like a toddler showing her his toys and his “room.”  Lol.  I can’t ever take that away from him… just look at that tail!

20180214 195432

Thanks…  I really try..  but my mortgage just went up and I’ve been debating on whether to cancel the dog walker.  It’s really Maybe’s thing – since Brick has school.  But my shoulder is healed so I really should be walking her again myself..  but I don’t want to take her one thing away, either.  Ugh. THIS is why I don’t have human kids – I could never handle the pressure! Lol! 🤣 





Topic starter Posted : 19/03/2019 11:51 am
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What a great dog walker!  🙂

Posted : 19/03/2019 12:31 pm
Griff Mom
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I wish I lived closer, I'd come walk Maybe and play w/ Brick for free.  I'm in love w/ Brick and haven't even met him.  Maybe sounds easy, yet I'm a sucker for tough cases.  Hope it all works out for you & the pups!

Posted : 20/03/2019 3:36 pm
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Brick is a lovable guy.. he's fun to teach because he likes to learn.  he likes to make his human happy.  in class last night the teacher had tied socks in knots, some with odor, some without.  Brick kept handing me the socks with odor.  Not his norm to actually TOUCH odor. ..  I had to explain to his teacher that he follows me while i do laundry and if i drop things -usually socks - he's right there to hand them to me.  sometimes i throw a pair of jeans on the floor just to keep him busy. 🤣 

but Maybe..  You can't teach her anything..  seriously. it's funny how untrainable she is!  Here i've got Brick filing his own nails on the sandpaper and Maybe will lay on it, lick it - and if i push the issue, bite it.. but nope. she will NOT swipe a paw across it, not for all the peanut butter in the world!  But she is really, mostly, a good girl.  

Perhaps it's my way to repent for being that difficult kid for my mom.. but yea, i love the tough cases too!

My first foster got dumped because she was a biter.  snapped at her human, drew blood, and i was her sudden death round.  If i couldn't turn her around...   

My second foster was the one with Lyme's disease...  he was easy in the braining department, but all his health issue made him seriously high maintenance.

I'd do it all again... and i hope to someday have the time (and a Brick who won't freak out so bad when i bring strange dogs in the house)  someday... 

Topic starter Posted : 21/03/2019 4:25 pm

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