whats that in your pocket?  

Mad Murphy
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Tell me , whats in your pocket?

I have my 'dog walking coat' in winter and my dog walking bag in summer.

In my pockets during winter is.... a whistle (not that he listens)

poop sacks (these are found even in non dog walking clothes )

treats, tissues and a flashlight for those dark nights and early mornings. 


Have I missed out anything essential ?  My phone is in my inside pocket in case of emergancy but not for use, dog walking time is dog walking time....

So turn out your pockets and share what you carry for your dog walks..

Does it differ from day to day or is it always the same? my  list is a basic day to day local walks list. If we are off out theres a load more that goes with but Im keeping it simple..

Looking forward to hearing about your pocket dog walking essentials.


Posted : 25/01/2019 11:41 pm
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I always have the poop sacks and tissues.  Usually in my pockets I also have baling twine and bits of hay and a few peppermint wrappers (Sweet Sarah the horse loves mints).  hahaha

Posted : 26/01/2019 3:41 am
Griff Mom
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HA!  Great topic @mad-murphy  !!!

Always have poo sacks on one side and bag o' treats in the other.  Woody has some issues where he "freezes" on a walk and treats get him moving.   In fact, I went to a Home/Garden Show just yesterday where they had security at the front door that asked us to empty our pockets.  They just laughed when I pulled out kibble and poo sacks.

Sometimes a flashlight (for walks @ dusk) and garage door opener.  A fellow Griff owner here suggested that we not use our gates for entering/exiting with the dogs so that they don't get used to using them when we aren't watching.  Allegedly they can easily jump a 6 foot fence.  Waggle is the only one to escape the fence by digging under.  She is a bit of a wild child.  So far no jumps at the gates which are 5 ft. high.  knock on wood!   😀 

Oh and my phone, for emergencies only.  I see so many people walking their dog and paying attention to only their phone.  So silly & also dangerous.  Pffftttt!




Posted : 26/01/2019 3:44 pm
Mad Murphy
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Oh I cant stand the constant phone addicted dog walkers, poor dog gets no imput or interaction same thing with the people who constantly have earphones in listening to music..

My dog walking  time is for me and Murphy to be together, yes we look at the nature around us but we dont have other distractions.

Posted : 27/01/2019 3:35 am
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My poop bags are attached to my leash so in my pockets I carry treats (of course I’ve got treats in all my jackets 😂) otherwise I’m just bringing my wallet and my phone so I can take cute photos of Nikita ❤️


Posted : 27/01/2019 1:04 pm
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Love that so many people are anti-phone.  i have one neighbor that walks her dog with the leash attached to her waist. She has breakfast in one hand and the phone in the other.  She doesn't even LOOK at her dog.  Or the sidewalk or... anything.

I always have a handful of treats in one pocket and a means to get back in the house in the other.  The front door is a hassle so more and more i'm taking the garage door opener.  Maybe usually poops before we go out - but i always have one bag tied to her leash just in case.

I did want to carry my phone to try and snap a picture to share how boring/ugly our stomping grounds are, but i always forget it. lol. 

Posted : 28/01/2019 11:33 am
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