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What about them saying goodbye to us?

Mad Murphy
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I guess we all expect to outlive our dogs but what about when we dont?

Tomorrow I'm attending the funeral of a ' healthy' young man who died suddenly from an infection, he leaves behind two very sweet dogs.

I've managed to hold it together and keep the tears in but when I heard that his mum (who is not really a dog lover) had taken the two dogs to the funeral home so that they could also say goodbye I am not ashamed to say the tears flowed freely.

Both dogs were allowed to see their dear human and kiss him goodbye, she said they wagged their little tails and then sat waiting, maybe they thought he was asleep.

Her love really touched me, even though she isnt a dog lover she recognised their bond and their need to say goodbye.

But at least this way they have had the chance to say goodbye. In most cases who really thinks about the pets at at tragic time like this? 

Are there many funeral home who would allow pets inside to say goodbye?

I just think if we should go before our pets then its important that those around us know our wishes. 

OH and I have a will that specifies whats to happen with our pets and who is to look after them but honestly how many of us have really thought about the best way  to let them say goodbye to us?

Topic starter Posted : 17/07/2018 3:06 am
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I make a point of letting my dogs say goodbye when I lose a member of the pack. When a live dog has gone to the vet and not returned in the past I found that the remaining dogs didn't understand and were unsettled.  As horrible as it sounds the last two oldies I lost were pts at home and the remaining dogs saw their bodies after. It did seem to help.

I also have provision in my will to take care of my dogs. 

wend 🐾

Posted : 17/07/2018 3:46 am
Red & Howling
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Thank you for sharing this poignant story @mad-murphy.  It warms my heart to hear that the mum brought her son's pups to the funeral home.  I would hope ALL funeral homes would allow this.  The U.S. has a long way to go to acknowledge that for many, pets are family.

After reading your story, I thought, I really do need to make arrangements for my sweetie pie if anything happens to me and the hubby.

Animals are my favorite kind of people.
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Posted : 17/07/2018 11:33 am
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His Mama’s gesture is one of a generous and loving soul. She acted with great kindness , thinking of the bond between the dogs and her son when her own heart must be heavy beyond belief. 

Thank you for sharing and raising something for us all to think about. I do have arrangements made for Sam but had not really given thought to something that is a really good idea.




Posted : 17/07/2018 12:50 pm
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As furbabies are loving souls who will miss us I believe it is important for them to say goodbye. I also appreciate that provisions have been made (as stated above) for your babies. I think too many people dont think about what will happen to their furry family. Having volunteered at a animal shelter I have seen many dogs & cats brought in because their owner had died and nobody either knew what to do with them or didnt want them. 

I encourage all to have a will, have some sort of life insurance especially to be given to the person who will adopt into their family if tragedy strikes. (doesnt have to be much, like $10k for medical, food, etc.) 


Posted : 27/08/2018 4:46 pm
Mad Murphy
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Thankyou for your thoughts on this..

An update on the two dogs is that they are now living with the brother of the guy who passed away in a home they know from visits and with another dog who they also knew and they seem to be adjusting well to the situation.

This week thay have just gone on their first holiday together as a family.. For them the future is good but sadly as has been mentioned for many there is no safety net in place.

Topic starter Posted : 28/08/2018 12:03 am
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@Mad Murphy  this is something i think about all the time.  you never know when you might be run down by a bus or something.  all my friends "love" my dogs, but i don't know anyone that would - or even could - take them.  the most i've done so far is to make both my mom and my boyfriend PROMISE - no matter what!  They call the rescue president and let her find homes for my dogs.  

*my dogs do have a savings account. lol. if one of my friends would take them, keep them together - i'd continue to pay their expenses.  for a while anyway. 

Posted : 28/08/2018 9:45 am

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