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You Will Always be My Best Friend video: Grief Support

Red & Howling
Obsessed Dog Lady Admin

You will find over 9000 comments on this post.  I encourage you to watch the video and read some of the comments.  

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Topic starter Posted : 08/06/2018 11:08 am
Great Member

I’ve probably watched this video a dozen times and each time it makes me cry. I first saw it on Instagram when I found out my little girl Souki was sick. I was told I didn’t have many months left with her and this video was and still is how I was feeling. Thank you for capturing that feeling for me in your touching art. You have been a blessing to me.

Posted : 09/06/2018 5:42 pm
Fantastic Member

Your artwork says it all so beautifully - I have the precious jewel print framed in my Red and Howling corner of my bedroom next to a photo of our beloved Max. Much in the same way as your Antidepressants print brings me joy each day, this brings me comfort. Love truly does last a lifetime and I still miss our crazy Maxkabibbles but remembering that he is tucked in my heart does help. ❤️


Posted : 13/06/2018 10:28 am
Mayor Puppypants
Outstanding Member

The video is beautiful. I am an Animal Communicator and am looking forward to sharing my amazing experiences with my dogs who have passed but who make regular appearances in my life! 😊❤️  They never ever ever leave us, just the body,  to the soul.  I look forward to helping others learn to communicate with their soulpets too.

please look for the discussion post. Animal Communication Bridging the Rainbow Bridge 🌈🐶🦋

Devoted Dog Mom, Free Spirited Cool Cat

Posted : 13/06/2018 1:17 pm
New Member

What a beautiful video, it made me cry again....

Posted : 21/06/2018 1:08 pm
Good Member
Still one of the most touching videos I have ever seen...I cry every time.

Brussels Griffon Obsessed!

Posted : 10/07/2018 6:04 pm
Hazel Loves bLoomer
Fantastic Member

amazing videos.. made me teary-eyed.. 

Posted : 10/07/2018 6:29 pm
Great Member

Oh, I found it.   😊  😥  😪  😢  😭  😭 😭 🤧  🙃 🍷 👍  ❤️   🌼 

Posted : 11/07/2018 7:36 pm
Good Member

This is such a powerful video that encapsulates my feelings exactly!

Posted : 10/08/2018 2:44 am
Bryan liked
New Member

This is my all-time favorite.  It clearly demonstrates what I don't have the words to express.  Thank you with gratitude 🙂 

Posted : 16/08/2018 4:46 pm
New Member

My mom sent this to me yesterday after we lost our Starbuck Monday.  It's all true.....


Posted : 29/08/2018 12:18 pm
Mad Murphy
Amazing Member

I shared this to my mum and brother after they lost their darling Lily on Sunday. My brother says he keeps watching but it makes him cry every time...  Mum said its just sums up all our feelings...

Posted : 29/08/2018 2:09 pm
New Member

It makes me cry every time I watch it too.  Love to them

Posted : 29/08/2018 5:52 pm
Diana Marie
New Member

This video is so beautiful.  I lost my boy, Cooper, a couple of months ago.  This really hits home.

Posted : 23/09/2018 2:53 pm

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