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Gloves to Help You & Your Pet

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My name is Laura Catena. I am a veterinarian in PA. Back in 2009, I was working in an ER vet hospital. I never wore the gloves available to us because they were bulky, welder's gloves. The gloves were dirty (can not wash leather) and so bulky, you had to use excessive force when handling patients. One day while working my ER job, I got bit by a cat. See the pictures below! I had surgery and months of physical therapy to regain use of my hand. During this time, the idea came to me what we desperately need is a glove that can benefit our patients. I am all about animal compassion and low-stress animal handling. The gloves I developed are The ArmOR Hand Gloves. They are machine washable, made of all synthetic materials, offer superior flexibility and dexterity, and more. The beauty of these gloves is you do not have to use excessive force! You can safely and properly maintain animal restraint, when needed. I am completely against declawing cats. Many cat owners ask me about trimming their cats nails. It can take time and practice but it can be done! One thing I love about the gloves is the 3 open fingertip style is perfect for trimming nails! Please check out my photos of my injury below as well as a few others. The website is and the FB page is

Thank you! 

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Veterinarian in PA & Developer of The ArmOR Hand Animal Handling Gloves.

Topic starter Posted : 14/06/2018 9:44 am
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Every time I post my 'Paws Need Claws' cartoon people comment that they'd love to clip their cat's nails, but often find it tricky and challenging.  Thank you for being a champion of cats keeping their claws! p.s. I just love all of your photos with all the different animals 😍 .

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Posted : 14/06/2018 10:07 am
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I must be lucky. My cat, EmmyBlue, just sits on my lap while I cut her nails and sing to her. 😊❤️

Posted : 14/06/2018 11:13 am
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What a wonderful kitty! ❤️ 

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Posted : 16/06/2018 8:47 am

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