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Pips , stones and seeds..Watch out.  

Mad Murphy
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Just a warning to anyone who doesnt know. There is a heartbreaking video online of a man whos dog sadly died after eating some plums . He didnt realise that plum stones like cherry pits apricot and peach stones all contain amygdalin which when ingested breaks down into hydrogen cyanide.

Thats not to say one pip will kill but the amount for a dog differs wildly and letting them eat the pit or stone does carry a risk.

Better safe than sorry esp as there is so much of this kind of fruit around at this time of year.


RIP Fern

Aberdeen man warns dog owners about the dangers of toxic yellow plums

Posted : 22/08/2018 12:09 am
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That's so sad.  I work in a veterinarian office and see too many dogs after eating grapes, raisins and dark chocolate.  Thanks for the reminder of plums.

Bonnie with approval of Bennie dog and SamCat

Posted : 22/08/2018 4:02 pm
Mad Murphy
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Here in NL a popular 'cake' manufactuer started producing a zero sugar variant. But many people didnt realise that xylitol ,  the sweetner used  is poisonous for dogs and several dogs including Roy and Bruno (both beagles from different families) died after sneaking or being given a piece of this cake as a treat.

The owners of Roy and Bruno plus a vet clinic got together and they have convinced the manufacturer to include a clear warning on the packaging stating that this product is dangerous to dogs and that if a pet eats any of the cake they must see a vet straight away..  Its a step in the right direction but listening to the radio yesterday this was being discussed and one of the presenters admitted that he had not known that chocolate was dangerous for dogs either..

I find it amazing in this day and age where we can check facts at the tap of a keyboard that many people dont know or check before giving potentially fatal foodstuffs to their pets.


Posted : 23/08/2018 11:52 pm

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