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Friday night I got home from TheBoyfriend’s around 11pm.  Let the dogs outside and they do their thing, sniffin and peein.  Brick came back to the door and asked me to open the garden gate.  I said no.  He continued to beg.  I reached out to pet him and I got a very snotty look in return. 

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Brick:  You may not defile me with your pettery nonsense! Open the gate, human, for there are beasts to be slain!

I maintained it wasn’t happening. I had a long day, I was tired, I didn’t want to stumble around the dark looking for whatever they might kill.  I insisted everyone go to sleep, but Brick laid on me, hitting me and whining, insisting we go back outside.


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Brick: But Mahm! I sniffered a thing.  I gotta go find the thing I sniffered! Pleeeeeease!



I ignored him because – my choices are to ignore him – or give him his own way.  He finally got so frustrated he just lay there scowling at me. 


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Brick: You are the most meanest mom! You never let me sniffer!



His angry little eyebrows just crack me up!

We went through the same on Sunday night. but i DID open the gate and Brick got skunked!  ugh!  the worst thing to ever happen to a dog! I'm sure my house still smells - he barfed skunk oil everywhere - but i'm pretty much nose blind to it now so...  

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Topic starter Posted : 04/09/2019 9:07 am
Griff Mom
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Omgosh!  So sorry to hear Brick got skunked!  I hear hydrogen peroxide helps, not sure how to use it though.  Those angry eyebrows are hilarious!  Thanks for sharing your story.  I worry about that w/ Woody & Waggle - they will chase and try to slay anything that moves in our big yard.  Never seen a skunk, but have seen some fairly large garter snakes!  Also some not-so-nice extra large racoons!

Posted : 06/09/2019 12:53 pm
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@griff-mom, i'm sad to say this is my #4.  Maybe's been hit three times - and she is pretty easy.  I mean - it stinks and the whole process is a nightmare, the smell is so terrible the fumes burn your eyes! but she doesn't mind baths so it's all manageable.  Brick, however hates water. All water. So giving him a bath?  i need a suit of armor!  and 6 arms!  and rubber floors (and walls, ceilings, etc)

The recipe is baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dishsoap.  The trick, tho, is to wipe off as much as you can with a dry towel before you put the dog in a tub.  The skunk oil - i think it must be the same consistency as motor oil (or maybe peanut butter! lol) because it is SO HARD to get off.  If you immediately apply water,  you just spread it around and make more things smell bad.  so you dry towel as much as you can, then you apply the mix..  i don't remember the exact science, but it's cutting the oil while neutralizing the smell.  Works EXCELLENT on the overall body...  eyes, nose and tongue - not so much. And since he ate most of it...  upside, he doesn't seem to be much interested in eating poop these days!  🤣 🤣 🤣 


Maybe was pretty cheesed and while i was trying to de-stink the house she was on a killing bender.  I'm going around cleaning the house barefoot and i hear a scream.  My mind was running through the catalog of wild animal noises and it hit me that it was a squirrel scream but by the time i worked it out - Brick was out the door.  I see this dust cloud and start running around frantically looking for something to put on my feet (it almost came down to a bucket and a plastic bag!) And by the time i got out there - the squirrel had...  exploded?   Shortly after she killed a finch.  Yea, my dog also kills birds. But i think she was just seeking revenge for her little brother. lol

For your viewing pleasure...  i had Brick closed in the bathroom while i went looking for Maybe to see if she'd been hit - no idea how i would have managed if both dogs had been sprayed - but when i got outside i found the little stinker was still in my garden.  They usually run away pretty fast, but not this guy!






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Griff Mom
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I learn so much from you!  I'm crossing my fingers on not having to use the de-skunk regime though.  We too have "animal explosions". They have learned all the bad stuff from each other.  Waggle loves to play fetch and fetched me a baby bunny one day.  Woody was beyond excited and the bunny was gone before Waggle & I could say woof.  Now they are into "finders keepers" mode.  That and why do birds pick nests close to the ground?  They can fly for goodness sake!  

Also, just an fyi.  I'm having success w/ some new kibble called Blackwood, Salmon & Brown Rice.  No more poo eating (as far as I can tell), smaller poos and everthing else seems to be functioning normally.  I haven't been brave enough to do the partial raw stuff like you and Mad Murphy.  I do add a pre-biotic and plaque-off for the teeth.  Also worked hard on training Woody to come to me for a treat after he does his business instead of the alternative.  We'll see as the weather gets cooler, if my theory on the new food holds out.  Wish us luck!



Posted : 08/09/2019 8:48 pm
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oh hooray for new kibble!

i gave mine drumsticks for the first time a couple weeks ago.  then worried about it for 2 days. i won't be doing that again. lol. i like that the pre-made raw looks like little meatballs - and i don't have to worry about someone choking or puncturing a gut... which i know isn't "common" but - you know - i'm a worrier! 

I have the strangest collection of finches.  They don't mind me - or the dogs! 

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The one Maybe got used to sit on the feeder in the evenings, just swaying in the breeze, watching us play.  He was sickly and i had made arrangements for the local wildlife rehabber to doctor him, but Maybe got him before i did.  I think he had either birdy pink-eye or birdy small-pox (i don't remember the real names, but you get the gist) and both are highly contagious.  So the upside, Maybe put him out of his misery and he won't be spreading to any of the other birds. But i think i scolded her enough that she knows now, birds are off limits!

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Topic starter Posted : 10/09/2019 2:25 pm
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Mad Murphy
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Oh gosh, we dont have skunks just cats and they are bad enough, our garden is fenced and fenced again but still they get in.

Murphy kept asking to go outside and we wondered why then last night as OH opened the door they shot out and the vcat escaped by a whisker... We are checking the fence today.

Posted : 11/09/2019 1:02 am
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