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Charlie the English Bulldog (with Bulldogs Make Life Better print)  


@redandhowling gets lots of photos of pups with her artwork sent to her thru ig/fb/email and we created the Howler's Hall of Fame as a place to share and showcase them in one place, but there are still a lot of photos that were slipping through the cracks, as we have been adding them ourselves manually (in addition to keeping up with everything else), so hopefully more people will start posting their Red and Howling Howlers here on the Community (thank you to those who already have!)  In the meantime, I'm going to start adding some of the great photos currently in the Howler's Hall of Fame as individual posts in this section so you can all enjoy them here too, while this section builds up!

1st up is Charlie!  😍 

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Posted : 14/07/2018 4:32 pm

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