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One of My Favorite Cartoons  

Red & Howling
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My favorite cartoons are the ones grounded in truth and this one is pretty much my life...and the dog looks like my Isabelle.  It is also the first cartoon I had go viral, so that was very exciting:

Animals are my favorite kind of people.
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Posted : 08/06/2018 7:37 am
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I love the one with the pie chart and the one with dogs as antidepressants (they are the best ones!) 

And all the ones about being prefering dogs to people! So true! 🤣😍

Claud (Filó's human)
IG: @filothemaltesegirl

Posted : 13/06/2018 5:03 pm
Red & Howling
Obsessed Dog Lady Admin

Thank you so much!  I love drawing dogs. I never like drawing people :).

"Antidepressants" dogs is one of my favorite ones, too!

Screen Shot 2018 06 13 at 5.09.57 PM

Animals are my favorite kind of people.
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Posted : 13/06/2018 5:08 pm
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This is my favorite too!! Love how true it is!! 😍😍😍


Posted : 25/06/2018 12:13 pm
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I love these two cartoons, both the pie chart and the antidepressants are soooooo true for me 🙂 My life completely revolves around my dogs and I wouldn't have it any other way! And as someone who has severe clinical depression, I so know how true the antidepressants one is.

Posted : 10/08/2018 2:56 am
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Honestly, I love all the cartoons. But the video of "You Will Always Be My Best Friend" is incredibly moving. It always bring me to tears. 



Posted : 20/09/2018 6:04 am

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