For Dog’s Sake Safety Quiz

When you notice that your dog is not feeling well, what do you do?

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Early detection and action can make a big difference for dogs, since they are often very good at masking pain. By the time you see it, a problem could be more developed than you think. So it is best to be on the safe side and call your vet.

Before performing the Heimlich maneuver, you should:

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Check dog’s mouth for foreign objects, because sometimes you may be able to dislodge the item causing the blockage.

What is a common food item that is toxic to dogs?

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Shallots—they are part of the allium family (onions, leeks, etc.) which are all toxic to dogs.

On a hot day, you can leave your dog in the car if:

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NEVER leave your dog in the car even on a mild day. Car temperatures can escalate quickly to dangerous heat levels even on a mild 70°F (21C) day.

What is a sign that your dog is not well and needs veterinarian attention?

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Pale or bluish gums. Call your vet; a dog’s normal gum color is a healthy pink.

Periodontal disease is serious and can lead to secondary diseases such as heart disease. What is one of the best things you can do to keep your dog's teeth/gums healthy?

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Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly will help keep your dog healthy and happy. (Tip: playing ball with a tennis ball is not a great idea because the fuzzy fibers can wear your dog’s teeth down over time).

What should you do if your dog is stung by a bee?

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Scrape the stinger out with a credit card or other firm edge (using your fingers or tweezers may force more venom out of the stinger and into your dog). Tips: Apply a compress of baking soda and water to sooth the area, and watch your dog for signs of a severe allergic reaction. Your vet may advise you to administer an antihistamine like Benadryl* to relieve symptoms. *Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and a great alternative to OTC drugs.

During the Fourth of July, you should make sure that your dog is:

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Wearing identification. July fifth is the busiest day of the year at animal shelters because fireworks freak out many pets and they run away. If your dog is wearing an I.D., it will help him get back home safely. Even better, make sure your dog is safely inside and not outside during the festivities.

If your dog has been bitten by a snake, you should:

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Keep him calm and take him to the vet immediately. Remove collar, if dog was bitten on face/head/neck (these areas can swell quickly). Keep in mind that many snakes are NOT venomous and there are such things as a “dry” bite from venomous snakes with no venom being released. If you suspect a poisonous bite, carry dog if you can, so venom doesn't move more quickly thru body. But ALWAYS be cautious and go to the vet for immediate help. Tips: If you can, take a photo of the snake for proper identification. Call ahead to vet to see if they carry "Antivenom".

What can be deadly to your dog?

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Xylitol. This is extremely toxic to dogs. Small amounts of xylitol can cause life-threatening hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), liver failure, and even death. Symptoms of xylitol toxicity develop rapidly, usually within fifteen to thirty minutes of consumption. Xylitol can be found in more and more popular items today, from chewing gum to mints to soft drinks to peanut butter.

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