Red and Howling is a heartwarming cartoon series created by artist Amy Luwis. Through her illustrations, animations and stories, Amy celebrates the deep love and unique bond we share with our pets and animal friends, inspiring millions of fans around the world.

Red and Howling is not just a beloved cartoon series, but an advocate for animal welfare and safety, offering free educational downloads. Amy’s work has been shared by some of the most influential animal welfare organizations, celebrities, and media outlets, making her a trusted and respected voice in the animal community. Her charming cartoons and animations have won several awards and been featured in The Washington Post, Daily Mail, Hilarity for Charity, Adweek, Vogue, Baywoof, BarkPost, BuzzFeed, and more.

Amy’s popular newsletter offers fans weekly smiles, giggles, and helpful pet tips. Her loyal and enthusiastic audience is a testament to the deep connection she has forged with her followers.

With Red and Howling, Amy has created a platform for animal lovers to come together and celebrate the joy and love that animals bring into our lives. Her dedication to creating heartwarming, genuine content has touched the lives of millions and made her a beloved figure in the animal community.

 “There are dog people and then there is Amy Luwis. In dog world terms, Amy is a multi-hyphenated triple threat: author-cartoonist-advocate. As a life-long animal lover and co-founder of Adopt-a-Pet.com, Amy is deeply dedicated to making the world a better place for all of its living creatures.” – barkpost.com  


Some of the Non-Profit, Rescue and Advocacy groups Red and Howling has worked with and donated to through Donation Prints on Red and Howling Shop:

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