Howlers Hall of Fame

I’ve been wanting to celebrate and share the adorable, heart-warming photos that everyone posts and sends me, so I created the Howlers Hall of Fame!

Click any photo to enlarge.  Reload this page to shuffle order & size of photos!

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13 comments on “Howlers Hall of Fame

  1. Cheryl Cinotto Layne

    Oh, Amy, I was just scrolling through the photos and saw my Hazel’s picture! Not gonna lie, made me tear up a bit. I miss her so much! Thank you for keeping her picture in the Hall of Fame for so many years!!!

  2. greenmtsongbird

    LOVE these! ❤🐕🐾

  3. Danette

    It is so very nice to see my fur babies on Amy’s website it truly is an honor. This is a very nice way to acknowledge your customers.

  4. Jana Salvatori

    Thank you so much for including Zoey in the Howlers Hall of Fame! And thank you for the beautiful and totally accurate cartoons that always make me laugh. Red and Howling rules!

  5. Eugenia Kraemer

    All are wonderful. Thank you. Keep them coming. All of them..

  6. Love the photo with “apple”, looking up at the photo ” There’s always room for one more”. ❤️

  7. the cartoon with the dog passing gas and the one which appeared in the newsletter (which i never signed up for) are both vulgar. the message sent is not the problem, but the vulgar way in which it’s presented. please think about this before you post another vulgar cartoon.

    • It’s a cartoon. It’s funny! If you have dogs, you know they have gas issues. Umm, even humans do too. It’s done in a cute way. Don’t want the newsletter? Then unsubscribe. And go pass some gas, maybe you’ll feel better!😁

    • HowlingHeidi

      Really ! A dog passing gas is vulgar to you ? Do you have a dog ? You must really be the life of the party.

  8. Fabulous! Especially love the one with the kitty looking into the dog mug: his expression is priceless! Keep ’em coming please!

    • RedandHowling

      I’m so grateful for all these wonderful photos, so I absolutely will continue to share them with you. Thank you for visiting! xo

  9. Maria & Nikita

    Love them all! XOXO

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