In celebration of “Save a Spider Day”🕷, I made this cartoon! Spiders are very well known, yet tragically misunderstood. People jump at the chance to hate spiders and people tend to lump ALL spiders into the “DANGEROUS” category.

Spiders are magnificent creatures and help us in so many ways. MOST spiders are harmless and no spider wants to bite you. Spiders are shy creatures and they simply want to be left alone.

Spiders rarely bite humans. Most mysterious bites we get are from other insects, but spiders often get the blame.

There are over 40,000 spider species and of these, only about 12 are poisonous. I encourage you to take the time to observe a spider. They just might become less scary to you and they might even become a friend.

Just a few of these amazing creatures:
-PinkToe Tarantula. A South -American spider whose leg tips are pink. It is one of the few tarantulas that can climb trees and swim.

-Goliath bird-eating tarantula, whose body can fill your palm and whose legs can stretch up to 12 inches across. it is the largest spider in the world by mass and size, but it is second to the giant huntsman spider by leg span.

-Bagheera kiplingi is a species of jumping spider who survives mostly on plants. Its known as the Ghandi of spiders for its largely vegetarian lifestyle.

Spiders are really good at killing “nuisance insects,” like mosquitoes and aphids, so start seeing them as a friend, not a foe🙏


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12 comments on “Save a Spider!

  1. I think a spiders resilience is inspiring and their web spinning, even if you’re not a fan of spiders.

  2. Gabrielle D. Peak

    I am a Spider l from way back ! I used to visit a Tarantula named “Suzie,” who was 25 years old & displayed, at a major Museum of Natural History in San Antonio. The Daddy-Long-Legs, at the Cabins at my Summer Camp, were incredible,too ! Spiders feed on mosquitos, cockroaches,etc. so they are very helpful beings !

  3. I am a fan of spiders. Used to have a “Mexican Orange Knee” Tarantula 40 years ago when they weren’t protected. She was sweet.

  4. Susan Rodriguez

    I even rescue the bugs including spiders from my pool. They are swimming so valiantly to survive they need a hand up! Love this Spider Cartoon! You are the Best!

  5. This is such a beautiful and touching animation. I’ve recently learned that house spiders shouldn’t be put outside when it’s too cold. From now on, they can stay in my apartment.

  6. Bridget B Faria

    I shared this one with friends. I’m trying to overcome my fear of Spiders. They really are so neat and play a vital role. Just as long as they stay over there………not near me 🙂

  7. Every living thing on this world has a purpose. Whether we know and think that it does or not.

  8. Lisa De Jesus

    Wish this could be shared at schools and at work! I got over 50 spider bites over the course of 2 nights. Different sizes. I know I have spiders in my garage and I must have transported them to my bedroom. I automatically get scars. Somewhere very swollen, someone not. But even then I didn’t and I don’t hate them. They really do play in invaluable role & just want to be left alone!

    • Barb Gardner

      Over 50 spider bites!!!!!!! Sorry, I would move and burn the house down!

  9. Linda Sterling

    I love your work. Thank you!

  10. Barb Gardner

    I love your work and have several pieces and all of your t-shirts, but I just cannot “embrace” a spider. Any spider. If it has 8 legs and is anywhere around me, it is a “former” spider.

  11. Linda Ballenger

    That’s okay with me. Lol

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