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You Will Always Be My Best Friend

(watch my Best Friend video here)





Dedicated to Bella the Bullmastiff who let a frog sit on her paw.

(Back in July, an Instagram friend reached out to me in anguish.  She told me that she had put her beloved Bullmastiff to sleep.  I felt her pain and my heart ached.  I wanted to create something in honor of Bella and as I started to put this piece together, I thought about all the dogs and animals that we love so deeply and lose way to soon, so it became a tribute to all the fur babies that we’ve all had to say goodbye to in life.)

36 comments on “You Will Always Be My Best Friend

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  2. Mary Connell

    Absolutely perfect tribute! ! Thank you x

  3. Lisa Tonks

    Absolutely wonderful! I lost my 14 1/2 year old, he died in my arms. Only dog that I had from a puppy and wasn’t used. This tribute to Bella touched me deeply

  4. Pat Sherrard

    I am in this process with my beloved rescue Maltese, Daisy. She is 17 and is failing. We are very near the end and each day is a gift. Also a gift is this sweet artwork of yours. Thank you!

  5. Faithful friends never leave us, they just run on ahead. . . .
    I think for most of us, when we read about another’s loss there is inescapable pain.
    Among the cruelest truths of biology is this: A dog’s life is considerably shorter than a human’s life. The math is unforgiving; if you love a dog, you will lose a dog, and you will suffer the pain and biting lessons that death brings — probably several times over. (Bob Sullivan) – What is the answer, not to love?

    • Jamie K Laine

      It’s to continue the love to another animal who has never known love. Rescue a new friend one that needs the love you’ve known. pass this love on!!!

  6. Love this XOXO

  7. Amy
    This is so beautiful and so true. The smell the need to see or feel them. On two of my fur babies i clipped some hair and lanamated it and it is still perfect many years later. You know i love what you do and the joy you bring. Think of you often. Ann Essy. Xoxo 🙏🏻❤️

  8. Christina Mccoy

    I know her pain. What a beautiful tribute!!

  9. What a beautiful tribute to Bella and to all our pups who have gone beyond Rainbow Bridge, but whose spirit is with us for all time

  10. Marsha Stutsman

    I so know that pain of loss. Beautiful words. Thank you.

  11. One never knows the pain of losing a beloved pet, We just put our 2nd one down within a year, sisters-litter-mates, inseparable.
    Your words cut deeply and I am sitting here shedding more tears and feel the lonesomeness in my heart. and life.
    I wish my husband could understand my feelings, but his feelings are hurting, too and cannot bring himself to share again with another fur baby., his babies can not be replaced. No, I know, but give another one the chance to love too.
    LOVED I.!!! Thank you

  12. Beautiful, Amy. May be having a little sob here.

  13. Charla Barton

    Your tribute to Bella and beloved animals everywhere was amazing. Having a bull mastiff myself, it made me want to be sure to savor every kiss and hug I have. Thank you for the joy and laughter you bring all of us with your humorous insight into the reality of our lives with the ones we love.

  14. Got me big time. Especially “one day you let me know it was time to go.” Ohhhhh the heartache and tears. Can’t read this without breaking down.

  15. I cry every time I see this. It’s such a perfect example of my life with Pache. The thought of losing my beautiful fur baby one day is just too awful to contemplate.

  16. It has been 3 months since my pug, Samson passed and it still hurts. When will I be okay again?

  17. Eugenia Kraemer

    Sophie, Zoey, Rose and Lucy. I had four Shelties, all close in age. All are in four legged heaven now. Lost them all in 18 months. The first one I got was in a cellar of a dingy pet store. They had stacks of crates on top of each other-awful. She was jammed in the back and already 8 months old. The store said she was too timid to get sold and would I not want a more social animal. As I looked at her with those eyes gazing at me back, I said no, she is the one, I will take her. She shivered and was shy from everyone and everything for over a year. Then slowly she began to realize its ok to enjoy life and the humans close to her My Sophie lived 14 years and was my soul mate. She was the alpha to our other Shelties and the last to leave me. Her kisses were warm and loving. I learned that pet stores for the most part sell puppy mill dogs. I never went in one again. You could say I saved Sophie from that place, but in fact she saved me. Always in my heart. Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful art.

    • “Dogs … are constant reminders that life reveals the best of itself when we live fully in the moment and extend our unconditional love. And it is very true, that the most tender, uncomplicated, most generous part of our being blossoms, without any effort, when it comes to the love of a dog.” —Maira Kalman

    • Laurel H Lazar

      I thank you Eugenia for being in that cellar, in that very store, at the time you were. She was waiting for you for 8 months. I am happy that you knew she was “the one”. RIP Sophie.

  18. So beautiful and very touching! Sitting here in tears.

  19. I’ve been there, so sweet and touching, I love all your creations!

  20. I just lost my baby girl, Alex. She was a beautiful Black and Tan Doberman Pincher. Our third and the most special girl I ever met. She loved (almost) everyone she met; she could sniff out trouble a mile away and she would look it in the eyes and start with a deep grumble and thank goodness she never had to go further.
    She was so obedient, loving, a “leaner”, she would race you for bed space and still manage to wiggle in another inch closer. I know she will be waiting for me ( her daddy and sister) to continue our lives near the rainbow bridge. I miss you girl as well as Blue and Busby.

    • Laurel H Lazar

      I am so sorry to learn of Alex’s passing. I, as well, lost my Murry last July. He was a Toy Manchester Terrier. They greatly resemble small Dobermans. I know you will keep Alex forever in your heart.

  21. Andrew Cooper

    Beautiful, perfect, and angelic way to say goodbye to darling GRIFFY, our internet puppy, we live in Nottingham and he lived in Venetian pittsburgh. Even though we never met him to cuddle but he was still our best friend, and God help his mum and dad xxx

  22. I know this was written for another fur baby but it rings so true for when it’s time to say goodbye to them.
    Animasl give their hearts and love totally unconditionally, they don’t care if you gain a couple of Lbs or you’ve not fixed your hair and face, they love you anyways.
    When my Wes(RIP) ate my £70 Boots, I was so angry, they were brand New.
    Just one look at his face, that said, ‘I sorry, I thought they were old’ I melted.
    All animals and Nature all the most wonderful things in the world. Love and peace to you and yours.xxxxx😘😘😘

  23. Aww so beautiful. We’ve just said goodbye 4 weeks ago to our beautiful 12 year old Shetland Sheepdog Monty. I’ve cried buckets, and missing him so much. Your words have echoed mine. I wish I could cuddle and kiss him again, I wish he was there to great us when we come home. I want to smell the sweetness of his fur. I miss everything about him. Thank you for this love tribute you sum up what I and many feel at losing these beautiful family members.

  24. Beautiful…love the art and the words. It expresses how I am feeling right now. We had to put our girl Jasmine to sleep on Valentine’s day. We knew her days were numbered when she was diagnosed with cancer but she took a sudden and scary turn for the worse. I thought i had a few more months with her. Shes my “heart” dog so it makes for soul crushing grief. I keep feeling waves of intense sadness and am crying several times a day. Thank you for this wonderful art and expression. It has brought me some comfort and validation.

  25. Alyson McNulty

    I lost my 2 beloved Guinea Pigs in Dec. Kalinda Alicia was 7 and a half and she died Dec 2. Less than 3 weeks later little brother Munchkin Sean Collier had to be euthanized Dec 22. He was not even 5 years old. I too am still crying-I am sleeping with the boxes of their ashes. Almost 3 weeks ago I adopted a 5 month old little girl named Annick Nannerel. I didn’t think I wanted to adopt another animal but I missed having a furry friend in the house. I am trying to bond with her-I don’t think she came from a great situation and she is scared to death of me. Looove your cartoons.

  26. Gill Brooks

    This such a beautiful piece. It popped up just after I put my beautiful Matzi to sleep in June 2017. Do you sell the whole thing I would love to put it on the wall in my house. ❤️

  27. Alyson McNulty

    I second Gill Brooks request. I have this bookmarked.

  28. Michele

    So incredibly beautiful. I lost my Redbone coon hound that someone moved away and left behind. I couldn’t resist those velvet ears. I will always love Rusti. God bless all who rescue not shop.

  29. I lost my beloved Nacho over a year and a half ago, the day after Thanksgiving to be exact….he was such a part of my world that I miss him as much if not more now than when he left me! Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my baby boy…..😢🐕

  30. This is beautiful. I lost my 16 1/2 year old Havanese a month ago. He was my heart dog and had brought me more joy than I can express in the 16 years, 2 months I had him. I miss him every day!

  31. Margaret Goode

    This is absolutely beautiful, my fur baby is my world and the thought of not having around doing her daft things does not bode well. I love my lil Lola so much

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