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Guilty Of The Dirty Bowl?


Do you just refill your fur baby’s water or food bowl? If so, you could make them sick.

The National Sanitation Foundation International, a public health organization, rated pet food and water bowls as the fourth dirtiest spot in our homes!

Bowls that don’t get washed can be teeming with dangerous bacteria and fungus. Bowls should be cleaned DAILY (preferably with hot water and nontoxic soap and/or run thru a dishwasher). Wash the inside AND outside—my dog regularly licks the sides of her bowl.

Did you know? Animals will often shy away from dirty water bowls and seek out other water sources, like puddles which can be equally filthy.

A WORD ON BOWLS: Dump the Plastic! tests pet products for lead, chlorine, arsenic, and other toxic substances. Lots of plastic contains a known carcinogen called BPA which leaches into water and food. Some plastic bowls that are BPA free contain lead. Plastic also absorbs odors and scratches up easily, those scratches are teaming with bacteria that you cannot get rid of by cleaning.

Invest in a sturdy glass bowl or quality stainless steel (some bowls imported from China have tested positive for toxic substances, like lead).

You may prefer a fun ceramic bowl—make sure it has a lead-free food-grade glaze. Get rid of chipped, cracked, scratched bowls—all those nooks and crannies harbor germs.

Care for your fur baby bowls like you do your own dishes—pets are family and depend on us to provide a healthy, clean bowl for every meal.

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  1. I have several bowls for my girls to eat and drink from so I can change them daily. I don’t want to eat off a plate that I have used previously that hasn’t been washed. Why should they ? That’s why I have a dishwasher it sterilizes everything anyway.

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