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Andrée Rowden Mr Darcy Clark from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia wrote on May 22, 2018:
Hi Amy, We completed another hospital visit yesterday where we were were delighted to surprise a patient gifting one of your fun book marks. We gave my mum one of your magnets for mother’s day. She loves it. Thank you for touching our hearts. Thank you on behalf of those we share your special talents with 🐾💚❤️ 🤗 Woof to your team from Mr D’s wagging tail
Jo-Ann Livingstone from Port Howe wrote on April 11, 2018:
I just found your site and have been going through your cartoons and most of them I can really relate to and have been sitting here laughing so hard my face hurts. Thanks for the chuckles I love them.
Natalie Brash from Edinburgh wrote on March 31, 2018:
I would love to be a guestbook entry as your cartoons and videos are amazing always put a smile on my face like my two dogs and cat do every day
Mel from London wrote on March 29, 2018:
Was great to find redandhowling and love all the pics and cartoons relating to them all ...brilliant
holly from raleigh nc wrote on March 12, 2018:
I have the video of dog who died. I guess you wrote it for a blind cat. Is that right? Would you have that in a book I can buy? I have friend who would really love to see it. Thanks so much.
hollly from raleigh nc wrote on March 12, 2018:
I love the cartoon you wrote for the blind cat that passed away. Recently a friend of mine lost her dog and would love to see this. Do you have it in book form>? I would love to buy a copy. She does not have facebook or a web page..
yuki fujita from gardena wrote on March 11, 2018:
I love all your stuff!!!! I would love to share your site.
Lisa R. from Montreal, Quebec wrote on March 9, 2018:
I just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful art. I see my furry family in so much of it. You make me laugh and occasionally cry. You understand how special and important every being is.
Susan S. from Michigan wrote on March 6, 2018:
I want to tell you that you have kept my spirits high. Why? Long story short. My rescue puppy had contracted Parvo (a long 6 days at our vet hospital and a wonderful veterinarian). I would see your comics daily. They bring a warm feeling to my heart and still do. Our puppy, Jessie, is now home recovering nicely. Thank you for keeping hope alive seeing your comics. ❤️ A True Fan.
Silvia from Ávila, Spain wrote on March 1, 2018:
I really love your drawings and the messages you share with them
Casi from Summers wrote on February 27, 2018:
As yoga practicing, dog loving (and rescuing) household we LOVE your art. I especially LOVE my Red and Howling mug.
Marta Parsons from Franklin TN wrote on February 20, 2018:
I enjoy your cartoons. They reflect my life. I have rescued seniors for many years. I also have Patio, a semi feral cat, who adopted my patio a few years ago. He is fine with my seniors. He can come in anytime and stay. Presently I have three senior dogs.
Hannah from Norrkoping/Sweden wrote on February 13, 2018:
Love your drawings and videos, they are so cute...what would life be without dogs or any kind of pet. Have a black lab called Preston love him to pieces 🙂
Sherry wrote on February 13, 2018:
I recently placed an order for some stickers and I wanted to thank you so much for including two extra ones !!! It was such a nice surprise and so very generous of you. I love everything you do. It brings a smile to my face every time I see one of your drawings. Thank you so much !!
Tamara from Sacramento wrote on February 6, 2018:
I love your paintings, I have 8 of them. I have bought other things to. When you have the love of a dog you have every thing. thank you.
Anne from Metford wrote on February 1, 2018:
Absolutely love your videos and drawing. It seems as though you understand my life and my relationship with my princess Chancey (my Miniature Pinschers)
June E from Wooster wrote on January 30, 2018:
Love to read your cartoons! Thank you for your newsletter. We have three rescues...all terriers. The latest one is a hoot. His name is Clancy and he does not have any eyes. He does not know this. He gets around just fine.
Jodi from Hoagland wrote on January 25, 2018:
Only one who has loved an animal be it dog, cat or other can relate to these beautiful cartoons.
Connie Powers from Bethpage wrote on January 11, 2018:
I absolutely adore everything you do. You are so talented thank you
Ronnie from Leicester wrote on January 11, 2018:
I love Red and Howling so very much. Your posts are beautiful and brighten my day, where all all around me my world seems to be falling apart (Going though a terrible time at the moment) Some posts have even reduced me to tears, but not sad tears but hearrtwarming ones, that remind me, whilst everywhere there seems to be pain and anger, animals are here for us, for love cuddles and that understanding paw, foot or claw, that tells us, 'Hey my Hooman, I'm here, I love you"....(Off I go again.😢) Thank you, love, peace and happiness to you and yours this 2018...xxxx