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Why Moms Are The BEST! (video)

I made this video for Mothers Day, but let’s celebrate moms every day!  A tribute to ALL the amazing, strong, brave, generous, sensitive, compassionate moms who nurture, protect, and take care of others with love and patience and love.

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18 comments on “Why Moms Are The BEST! (video)

  1. Michele

    Thank you, you made my heart smile

  2. I’ve ALWAYS love ❤️ Your videos. We’re such a fan and NEVER go without ordering our yearly calendar.

  3. Really beautiful!! 🥰😘❤️ Thank you Ms Amy!!

  4. Thank you from all the mom’s and grandma’s whose children are four legged. They share their love every day not just on Mother’s Day, but truly appreciate this Mother’s Day wish.

  5. Cindy P


  6. Alandra

    This made we tear up ❤️🥺 Thank you for such beautiful and special artwork

  7. Kimber Ly

    This is so cute! Thank you so much for drawing and creating this video! I love the part about the doggo feeling poopy! My Hurley Jean spent almost a week at the local vet and the emergency vet, after being diagnosed with diabetes and pancreatitis. I wasn’t sure if she was going to make it, but she’d doing great. It’s amazing how something so small (or chunky), can take up so much room in our hearts! Hurley looks just like the doggo from the Seniors Make Life Sparkle cartoon.

  8. Pam P.

    THIS. So sweet! A beautiful tribute. Every Mom should see this! xoxoxo

  9. Michelle Settle

    Oh my tears! This little puppy most resembles my beloved Gibson ❤ He is a 15 yr old chiweenie who is living on borrowed time with congestive heart failure – this will be our last Mothers Day, and this video warms me and makes me cry 🌻🙏❤

    • Sending a virtual hug to both of you Ms. Settle & Gibson 🥰🤗🙏

  10. Rochelle

    Couldn’t stop smiling watching the video. Love it ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Love the video, thank you.

  12. Vickie Dailey

    shared post to tb twitter and pintrest – thanks for the smile in my inbox

  13. MarezyBeatle14

    Subscribed to your you tube channel! I’m a dyed in the wool “dawg” rescuer! Am so happy to make your acquaintance!

  14. Doslittlechihuahuas

    This is just precious…my eyes welled up 😇

  15. wareagle4me

    Love, love this one!!! I have loved all dogs all my life. I was constantly bringing dogs home (when I was young) and would tell my parents that it “followed me home.” So here I am, almost 70 years old and still loving dogs. I’ve never been without a dog which today has led me to my 3 dogs today (and 2 cats). They are all such awesome company.

  16. So very cute

  17. I LOVE it!!!💕💕💕


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