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Heal Two Hearts… Adopt (GIF)


I created this GIF in honor of “Adopt a Shelter Pet Day”, but I believe the message rings true all year round!

Please share your stories of your adopted fur-babies! Hopefully together we can inspire others to adopt.

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14 comments on “Heal Two Hearts… Adopt (GIF)

  1. Laurie

    I loved the new GIF, and it’s very, very true. I have adopted 6 Chihuahua’s and one Chiweenie, all since 2001. I’ve loved them all. Four have passed on, and now still have 3. They have been my biggest joys

    Also Amy, got my order today, and love everything. Thank yo for all you do and LOVE your art!💜

  2. Perfect!!💞❤️💞

  3. Darlene Frederick

    This is so very true. I didn’t think I would ever heal after losing my beloved ❤ dog, Kiki. Very shortly afterward I saw Kaylee on Petfinder. She was in a kill shelter & I couldn’t stop thinking about her even though I tried to convince myself it was too soon. Long story short, we adopted Kaylee & I’ve been blessed with another ❤ girl. She’s also so much like Kiki in so many ways that I can’t help but think she was sent by her big sister to heal my heart.

  4. Sidney Bailey

    Many of my pets were strays found. I adopted 2 cats from Galveston humane shelter. Mojoe was a.beautiful black long hair deeply loved and now missed. Also Casper was sent there from a local facility that apparently abandoned 200cats in a room with no water or food.. He is beautiful long haired and even after several years is still skittish. Loves to sit in my lap and be petted but won’t let me pick him up..Spent fits 6 months under my bed or hidden somewhere.. Finally let me touch him. Stays hidden, most people have never seen.him. No idea how old he is .us years ago the shelter said he was an older cat.. Now he’s dafe, loved, food and water, and no abuse..So all is well in his world…my two corgis were both passed down from different people..
    Spoiled rotten!!! 🐘

  5. laddieluv

    ..I adopt/rescue only..
    and as a senior myself now.. last two sweet dogs were also senior.

    ..I can’t live without a dog..
    adopting a dog truly does
    ..”heal two hearts”..
    ♥ ♥

  6. We adopt older, ill or wonky dogs and their love has changed my life completely 💞

  7. This is true! I had adopted a little munchkin of a cat and now she is the apple of my eyes, rather I would like to believe I am the apple of her eyes 😀

  8. Gabrielle Peak

    I adopted my darling Beagle baby and it has helped to heal 3 hearts in one!

  9. Maureen Maxim

    I hope I can adopt at some point. I lost my beloved Finnegan in September and I’m still gutted and hurting.

    • Hi Maureen. It IS unbearable to loose the unique and incredibly invaluable soul-tie relationship we can have with our animal friends. I have leaned a lot on for support.

  10. Fenella

    Two years ago almost to the day our faithful old dog had to be put to sleep as she was so ill. We were absolutely bereft. A few weeks later I took her leftover food to the local rescue as a donation, with no intention of having another dog for a while (who could replace Gnasher?). They are not a rescue that hassle you to adopt, you don’t have to walk past all the imploring lost dogs to get to the shop/reception, but they do have photos of the dogs up for adoption in the shop. A picture of a scruffy hairy terrier caught my eye, and within two weeks he was coming home with us, a male dog (I’ve always had bitches) of 6 years old (I wanted a puppy) and another terrier (my OH prefers collies). Fred is not Gnasher by any means, but he is a delightful, if slightly unhinged, companion.

  11. I’m a proud rescuer 💗 and your artwork rings true. Amazing

  12. Adoption and fostering are both beautiful things to do and save babies lives ❣ these dogs can come to you damaged, but for good reason, a human has let them down 😥😥😪😪
    Once they trust you, they give you their heart and soul “UNCONDITIONALLY FOREVER”❣❣❣❣

  13. Barbara Johnson

    Adopt is bestxx🐾🐾🐾


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