Wellness Flashcard 2: Stretch

Red and Howling Wellness Flashcard 2: Stretch

Continuing my series of Flashcards that I’m releasing over the next few weeks via my Newsletter. Flashcard #2 focuses on the important, but often overlooked topic of stretching! I created these flash cards to help keep you positive, strong, and healthy! Put on your fridge for motivation, share with family, send to a buddy! xoAmy

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2 comments on “Wellness Flashcard 2: Stretch

  1. Stretches feel Soo good ! Love the look of the dog on top L & love the froggies spotting 😃

  2. Patti aka IsabellaLabradorIssy

    Hi Amy,
    Yes, stretch… your muscles never forget. I’m old now but can still bend over and put my palms flat on the floor.. STRETCH ..!! The dogs help me with my sit ups.🐾 Patti, IsabellaLabradorIssy 💓 love the card xx


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