Wellness Flashcard 3: Breathe

Red and Howling Wellness Flashcard 3: Breathe
Red and Howling Wellness Flashcard 3: Breathe

Continuing my series of Flashcards that I’m releasing over the next few weeks via my Newsletter, Flashcard #3 focuses on the essential exercise of deep breathing. I created these flash cards to help keep you positive, strong, and healthy! Put on your fridge for motivation, share with family, send to a buddy! xoAmy

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3 comments on “Wellness Flashcard 3: Breathe

  1. I love these flashcards, it your so generous to make them up for us! That just like you Amy, always spreading peace, love, and animals through your art.☮️💟🐾

  2. Terry Appelt

    Thank you much for the reminder to just stop and breathe.

  3. So easily forgotten & SOO helpful to the body – thank you for the reminder 💞👍🌷🦋🐶

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