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You Will Always Be My Best Friend

(view my Best Friend long-form here)

Dedicated to Bella the Bullmastiff who let a frog sit on her paw.

(Back in July, an Instagram friend reached out to me in anguish.  She told me that she had put her beloved Bullmastiff to sleep.  I felt her pain and my heart ached.  I wanted to create something in honor of Bella and as I started to put this piece together, I thought about all the dogs and animals that we love so deeply and lose way to soon, so it became a tribute to all the fur babies that we’ve all had to say goodbye to in life.)

16 comments on “You Will Always Be My Best Friend

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  2. Patricia Moore

    Oh my gosh….beautifully done and I posted on Facebook. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful and heartbreaking ((( <3 ))) xxx

  4. lost my 12 year old pug last month and I am so not okay, but your video was wonderful.

    • Meredith McQuade

      I’m so sorry for your loss. Bella was my heart dog and was 13 1/2, life isn’t the same with out her. Amy created magic in this video, it is my story but it is all of our stories <3

      • Thank you so much for your kind response. They say time heals. All I can say is hurry up time!

  5. This is a very nice video. I want to download it..can anyone please suggest me how & where should I download this from?

    • RedandHowling

      Hi Nishma, The video is not downloadable, but you can view it on YouTube, as well.

  6. I’m sure this means so much to so many, it’s really wonderful 💖

  7. Thank you. This video is priceless

  8. I just lost my baby and I love this! Just wish I could afford this pic!

    • RedandHowling

      I’m going to look into creating offset prints which will be more affordable than the archival signed prints. I’m sorry you lost your baby—it always breaks my heart when I hear this.

  9. Jamie K Laine

    I just lost 2 of my best friends Agi, the love of my life had massive heart attack in June was only 8 my little man I still cry every day missing him!! And I lost my Paco Bear due to Hurricane IRMA no power for 6 days & he suffocated from heat! I still have my Cowboy left, Agi’s brother. What I feel is dead inside. Your video says IT ALL! Thank you!!!

  10. That is oh so true. I still miss my souldog, but I am sure that we’ll be together again some day.

  11. Ann Johnson

    Beautiful lost my Pickle (mini dachshund) 10 days ago would really like a copy to keep

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