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Beyond the Darkness

Beyond Suffering and Fear
Beyond the Darkness
There is a light
That shines bright
that we must hold tight
and never let go,
so we can be Strong
and make it through this together.

—red and howling

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28 comments on “Beyond the Darkness

  1. Elizabeth De Jesus

    really touched my soul. Thank you!

  2. I love in the illustration that the light is passed on and shared. Great post, and thanks.

  3. Carol Lynn weston

    Thank you for all the inspiring and absolutely wonderful drawings; paired with the perfect words to make each piece come alive. They touch our hearts, make us think, and laugh and cry. I thank you for your loving and beautiful works of art that touch my heart every time
    Blessings, Carol Lynn and Buddy B.

  4. Thank you❤️🐶
    I always look forward to your uplifting viewpoint through your work❤️🐶
    Wishing you much peace and health in the days to come❤️🐶

  5. YES 😍🤩🥰🐶🐱

  6. Dee Stewart

    What or who is that Light which shines bright that we must hold on to?

  7. Lori Sunderland

    Very touching. Thank you.

  8. Christina McCoy

    Thank you for helping us all know we are in this together.❤️

  9. Caroline

    We ARE all in this together, I with my partner and two beautiful fur baby girls Daisy & Rooney (actually 10 year old ladies). I find your cartoons so kind & comforting.
    Aroha from New Zealand!

  10. Chris Watson

    Absolutely Beautiful
    So True
    Chris Watson

  11. Arleen Rutten

    ♥♥ beautiful..
    so true.. helpful..
    so perfect..

    ..thank you..

  12. Linda Ballenger

    I love this , and it’s so true, and you sent it out at just the perfect time , with things as they are. Thank you ❤

  13. Terri Fleming

    So true. Thank you for the precious cartoon.

  14. Cheryl Gallagher


  15. Michelle Rudnick

    Love you Amy
    Everything you do is spot on and you help so many ppl

  16. So true.

  17. Colette Rose

    You are such a fine artist but most importantly you are a huge luminous inspiration to all of us.

  18. Annamay Olsen

    I’m thinking about those who are afraid to leave the house to walk their dogs. If you live in an apartment building for instance, and have to make it down via an elevator, touching everything along the way…

  19. Brings a smile when there need to be one 😊😁. Thank you And take care.💗💗

  20. ❤️

  21. Chris Cherie

    THANK YOU for all you do bringing us smiles and virtual hugs!

  22. Thank you!!

  23. Michelle O

    For me the Light are my girls “Hannah, Heidi & Scully”. (Canines) They’re finding it odd that’s Dad’s at home but they love it. He’s luckily being able to work from home. We will get through this and we’ll be stronger than we were before.

  24. Love!!!!

  25. So beautiful. A timely message <3

  26. Ann R Althouse Head

    Thank you for the reminder♡

  27. How beautiful ❣❣


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