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Heatstroke Kills – Know the Signs

Even when you think the temperature is OK or feels fine to you, your fur kid may feel very differently. Animals don’t sweat like humans, so they heat up a lot quicker than we do. Their primary source of cooling down is through panting which is incredibly inefficient when pets are exposed to too much heat!

The #1 cause of deadly heatstroke in dogs is leaving them in a vehicle! Never-ever leave a dog in a car even on a mild day. While you’re in the air-conditioned store grabbing a few things, your car is quickly turning into an oven. Dogs can suffer brain damage and die from heatstroke.

Helpful Tips: Walk in the early morning and late evening when it is cooler. Carry water with you. Limit exercise on hot days. Avoid surfaces that absorb heat, like asphalt, pavement, metal, sand, and car seats. These materials absorb heat from the sun and can stay hot for hours (even after the sun has gone down). Temperatures on these surfaces can exceed 145° F (62.7c)

Keep your fur kids comfortable and safe: Fans, frozen treats, kiddie pools, and sprinklers can all help keep the kids more comfortable on hot days.

Make sure fresh water and a cool place to rest is available at all times.

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10 comments on “Heatstroke Kills – Know the Signs

  1. Debbie Lange

    I love your cartoons, but I adore my Mr. Teddy Bear. He’s my Service Dog. He’s my best friend. I think everything you teach is absolutely wonderful and should be laws for animals . Too many people want to own a dog, BUT NEGLECT THE SHOTS, OR CONSIDERATIONS FOR THEM.😞😡they may NOT be people, , but OFTEN PROOVE TO BE BETTER.

  2. wow im glad i read this. thkz

  3. Karen Ryan

    An extremely important message that needs to be put out there . This is adorable and to the point.
    Sharing this and thank you ! ~ 💚

  4. Lori McDade

    I love your work, I have the Magnet Hot Cars Kill and the bumper sticker.

  5. Ann Danz

    Thank you! Too many dear pups still being left in hot cars and trucks. NOT ACCEPTABLE!

  6. Sidney Bailey

    Great reminder for all those people that leave their dogs outside often with no water or shelter. I used to have 2 big dogs that had to be outside when I was working.. Always had 2 buckets of fresh water. 2 big doghouse in shade and cool spot in back off garage. When I retired they were always inside. My 2, dogs now are cool imside

    • Karen Ryan

      I will never understand or forgive these cruel people that need to have these precious animals taken away. They need to implement a $ 1,000.00 fine immediately for starters.

  7. Pammy and Twinkle

    And I see people jogging or riding bicycles with their dogs over hot pavement midday, they have tennis shoes on, their dogs is panting and heaving, makes me so mad!😬

  8. Gabrielle Peak

    This is such an important cartoon particularly in Texas where Boki, the Beagle Boy, and I live. Thank you, Amy.

  9. THANK YOU AMY!! VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THIS & SPREAD THE INFO!! I have water anytime we go out in cups for them & depending how hot it is, I won’t even walk them til dark too. ❤️💧🐶


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