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Is she Awake?

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18 comments on “Is she Awake?

  1. Janine Attard Nimmo

    My 3 fuzzy alarm clocks go off at 4:00am for the 4 oclock feeding, just like human babies.I have 3 boys (cats) that like to eat at 4pm as well as other times, anytime is food oclock time.

  2. I have no idea how my three Basset ladies know it’s 7:50 and time for me to get up every day! They even adjust to Daylight Savings Time!

  3. Gabrielle Peak

    This is such an adorable image! Everyone is so happy !

  4. Sidney Bailey

    Happens at my house too! Perfect way to start your morning! 😴. 🐘

  5. I love my furry alarm clock.

  6. I have 1 that sleeps in (dog) and 1 that needs to eat right away (cat). Love them to pieces ❤️

  7. Connie Hovenden

    Love this one because we used to have three dogs even more cats, but sadly am down to only one cat. She does bug, but can be okay in holding out for her food. She is a diva though. Always enjoy getting these in my email. Thank you.

  8. This happened this morning to me!! 🤣👍

  9. Ann L. Danz

    Isn’t it just wonderful? To wake up to an admiring audience!

  10. Patty A Severud

    Oh yes, this is the best life❤

  11. That’s why I wake up laughing

  12. Rajaram Devidas Rao

    Most fabulous…!

  13. Every morning of my life. I am blessed.

  14. Tee Rodz

    Would not have it any other way. ❤️

  15. So funny!! But ya know what? I have 3 who love to sleep in! And yes, it is wonderful! In fact 1 is a real lazy head! 😌💤✌️❤️🐾

    • I too am blessed with sleepy-heads too, which I appreciate because I am not a morning person. I think it helps that they get their “wet food” later in the day.

  16. Eugenia Kraemer

    Wonderful, as always

  17. Christina McCoy

    Boy can I relate to that!!😂😂❤️❤️❤️


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