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What’s Your Favorite Season?


What’s Your Favorite Season?  What’s Your Dog’s?

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16 comments on “What’s Your Favorite Season?

  1. Fall / Winter! For all of us!

  2. Dani Thomas

    My pack of 5 an myself love summer in Colorado. We r a very outdoorsy pack!! Rottweiler/lab mix an 4 Chihuahua’s 🐕🙋💕🌞🐾

  3. I love all the seasons as long as I have my babies (two chihuahuas ) by my side.

  4. I love both spring & Fall.. I hate Summers here in Bakersfield, Ca.. it’s super hot & we have terrible air quality.. it’s the worst!!

  5. Brigit Doorn-van Dijk

    I can’t choose… Maybe autumn for now… but I really love Christmas as well. Oh and Spring with it’s first flowers, especially the “cow parsley” that seems to magically appear everywhere in spring, these are my favorite flowers. But also the long hot summers to live outside in de garden.. I really can’t choose. Luckely I don’t have to. For now it’s autumn, with it’s beautifull colours, the candles and coming home in a cosy warm house 🙂

  6. Christina McCoy

    Definitely winter!! Love the snow and fireplace!!❄️❄️❄️☃️⛄️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Shawna Ausburn Jobusch

    I love Fall the best and so do my pups!

  8. Spring. All the colors “pop”. The world becomes alive inSpring.

  9. We love winter because we can cuddle more. And my 14 year old bichon loves to wear her cute sweaters 😊

  10. I don’t have a favorite season. But I think my 3 little Chihuahua’s love anytime the sun is out, and it’s warm so they can sun bath! ☀️🐕

  11. We are definitely FALL SEASON people & pets!

  12. Rebecca Schubart

    Fall!My dogs love when it’s cooler out.I really love your pictures they make my day a little brighter.

  13. Spring and the Autumn. Our Stanley loves sunny but cooler weather and loves a windy day. He even likes snow!

  14. Cynthia Petrashevich

    My dogs love Fall too!

  15. Jennifer Devereaux

    I love Winter but since I lived in Texas there is none!
    My dogs like any cool windy day. The colder the friskier.
    Thank you always for your art.

  16. Angie Price

    I love Spring, when all the new plants are blooming and everything is beginning to turn green. Two of my babies (Chi Chi babies) love Summer, they prefer the warmth of the sun and two of my babies(Shih Tzu babies)
    prefer Fall. Everyone loves the central heat and a/c because we are all spoiled!

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