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What was your epiphanous moment?

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11 comments on “Epiphany

  1. When I smell my Basset Hounds paws after he’s been sleeping. They smell sort of like Fritos, I call it his “Puppy Paws” smell 🙂 even though he’s 9 now.

  2. Katalin H Heymann

    When I was homeless sleeping sitting up in my minivan because my son’s wife refused to let me sleep on their couch. It was an epiphany on how alone I really was in this world because my children felt I was a nuisance obligation and not a beloved mother.

    • Joyce M Glorso

      Prayers for you and your future please find support thru state and local agencies.

  3. It was after I adopted my first Rescue dog. One day he looked at me and I felt it, I saw it, that epiphany. I knew this was my future. I now train and volunteer at my local rescue. Thank you, Raider. I miss you.

  4. SOO true!! Although I loved my 2 doggies instantly years ago , the epiphany came full on when the older one needed bladder stone surgery
    there is NO wrong these 2 boys can do & boys will be boys ❤️💞❤️

  5. Karen Wettstein

    I think that the easiest thing in the world to do is love a dog. Or any animal for that matter. I understand that completeness feeling – completely. Right now I am without a dog and the hole in my heart is the size of Australia and lets throw New Zealand in the mix, too. Maybe, in time I can share stories about dog love and dog joy and teach others how these wonderful creatures can fill our hearts in order to live a purposefully life loving others simply because that is the epiphany. Follow dogs and do what they do so unconditionally. Love. Please all of you, give your dogs a hug from me today! 🐕💜

  6. My epiphany was when my first dog, a border collie cross I later named Rex, followed me home from school when I was about 6 or 7. My mother let me keep him, and he became my constant companion, even saving my life a year later. Then, one day he disappeared as mysteriously as he had first appeared. I still wonder how it all happened… These days, our lives and hearts, as well as our house, are full with the love we share with our two retired racing greyhounds, Jesse and Kiowa.

  7. Cynthia Allen

    I have had Bandit (beagle mix), Isabelle (border collie mix), Maxine (husky), and Bertie the dove – now Rosey (bichon mix) and Fiona (golden). They make my house a home. I love them and they love me.

  8. It is every moment I pick up our beautiful 7 pound Dakota Skye. She always smells like vanilla and lavender. What a sweet kind little being that is the center of our small universe. I always look into those beautiful brown eyes and wonder how such a small being can make us so very happy. Saying dogs make life better is true, but so vital for us. She can take the worst day and make it seem like heaven is on earth…..

  9. Sidney Bailey

    When Deputy Fred came to be my corgi and again when Sailor joined my family! I have had dogs and cats for most of my 78 years and each one a blessing! Thank you. 🐘

  10. Gabrielle Peak

    This cartoon is just precious! My epiphany occurred when I adopted my Beagle, Boki. The year before, our sweet darling 13 year old Beagle, Zuzu Gingersnap, was run over. I was so mired in grief that I hoped adopting another Beagle would help us resolve the loss of Zuzu. Not sure that we could love another as much, we fell head over heels in love with 7 month old Boki. All of us have been in Dog Heaven ever since.


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