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Watching TV

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3 comments on “Watching TV

  1. Laurie Bradley Hammeke

    I love this cartoon! Since 2001, I have set on the couch and watched TV with the 6 Chihuahuas and one Chiweenie that I had adopted over the last 12 years. Three were with me when I moved to a new state for my husbands job. His work was very time consuming and he was not home very much, so their companionship meant so much to me. As the first three passed, I adopted more, since small dogs were used a lot in puppy mills. I also foster two for a short time, and spent a lot of time signing petitions, trying to help rescue groups, volunteering for SPCA of Texas, and more. Fast forward to now and I have one little girl left, and my husband and I have had multiple health problems. Two have passed in less then a year. It’s been very, very hard. More than likely I won’t be adopting another Chihuahua. Actually sometime in the future I would like to adopt a large dog who has, or could be trained as emotional support companion, and also service dog, to help me with my Meniers Disease, and my depression and anxiety, and just plane getting older. I been following Red and Howling for a long time, and have purchased many cartoons that are hanging in the kitchen and dining room, t-shirts, and calendars. But now some of the cartoons leave me with bittersweet feelings. I will continue to follow though, for the sweet feelings and memories the cartoons bring into my life. Thank you so much for all you do Amy, to help animals, and for all the joy you have brought me, and all the others that follow you. Peace and love to you, Amy, and all your followers. See you all later.

  2. Terri Barrett

    I love this!!!! Exactly like my Lilly!!! 💜

  3. Gabrielle Peak

    😀😄😁😅😂🤣I can’t stop laughing!!! This reminds of howling contests I had with my beloved Beagle boy, Boki……


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